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Makeup Workshop with Avon’s Global Celbrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen


Finals week is a few days away which means that my professors have been cramming a lot of their final requirements in the few weeks left before finals week. Because of this, I was unable to blog (boo.</3). But now, I have finally risen from the ashes brought about by hell week (ashes because of the fire in hell week..get it? HAHA. I tried) and ready to blog again! :)

Before I begin talking about my super starstruck moment with Avon’s Global makeup artist Lauren Andersen, I would just like to thank all of you who voted for me to be part of Avon’s Makeup Council of Beauty Bloggers! It is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to try out and talk about their products and I promise to be honest with all my reviews, after all, reviewing products is my passion. I would also like to give a special mention to the boyfriend. HEHE. He’s always been supporting me with all the activities that I pursue. He knew how much this meant to me and did his best to help me ask for people to vote for me. <3

Being accepted to be part of Avon’s makeup council gave us the privilege to be able to attend Avon’s Global Makeup Artist workshop in Sofitel Manila. Lauren Andersen is Avon’s newest global ambassador and she has been known to have worked with the likes of Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie, and Ginnifer Goodwin. She shared with us about her encounters with the brand even when she was a little girl because her mom was an Avon lady. I think it’s amazing how she’s able to reconnect with her roots by now representing the global brand!

We were given a wide array of colorful products from Avon’s LATEST collection to play with on makeup our table. Before the workshop, Lauren and Avon’s scientist, Lisa talked about how the whole collection was a product of 2-3 years of extensive research. They made sure of taking consumer input into consideration when they were formulating the entire collection. Because of this, their newest collection features new packaging, 13 new lipstick shades infused with shea butter and SPF, eyeshadow palettes with number to guide users — all of which are color true, meaning that what see you from the tube/pan is what you get. Lastly, they carefully picked shades to be able to highlight different skin tones.

Lauren worked on a fair skinned woman and a morena to be able to cater to all the skin tones of women in attendance of the event. After, she gamely answered each one of the questions of the audience. I asked her what her go-to daily routine was and she told me that she likes going for a bold lip.

I wasn’t able to pay attention to the whole workshop because I was so engrossed with all the makeup that I was able to explore! That and because my seat mate, Shari, was such a fun seat mate! I remember coming across her blog and I always remember pretty blogs with equally pretty pictures which is why I embarrassingly asked her, “Are you the misty mom?” when I first met her. HAHAHA. I found out that she used to go to the university that I currently go to which was FAB, and we couldn’t stop chitchatting about anything under the sun–beauty related, of course! :)

Selfie with Sharie. <3 Because we, beauty bloggers are selfie-taking experts!

The best part of the event was being able to meet Lauren up close and personal and being able to chat with her for a good 10 minutes! *fan girl moment* I am an aspiring makeup artist and I asked her for recommendations on good beauty schools in the States. She told me that she was self-taught and that really had to work hard in marketing herself to be able to reach the place where she is now. She also gave me a super useful tip. She told me that it might be a good idea to apprentice under a famous makeup artist because she was able to do the same. Hearing her tips has given me new insight on how to be able to pursue the career that I want in life. THANK YOU, AVON PHLIPPINES FOR THIS AMAAZING OPPORTUNITY!!! <3

I was too starstruck to get my camera out. :))

I was also able to meet a lot of my fellow makeup council members as we were all introduced as part of Avon’s Makeup Council which was so fun! Again, thank you Avon Philippines for this amazing opportunity!

I got to bring home a WHOLE LOT OF GOODIES. <3 I have my eye on the lipsticks!!! Watch out for my review coming up soon. ;)

Before I end, I’d like to share my FOTD:

 This post is getting a bit too long; this is it for now! :) Thank you for reading!! <3




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