Feather Hair Extensions


Hello everyone!

Last year, feather hair extensions became a huuge trend in the United States. I actually did not know about this trend until one of my readers asked me about it.

Here are some photos of celebrities sporting the feathers:

I did my research and found an online seller (https://www.facebook.com/lesrouxaccessories) in the Philippines. When I found the online seller, I got intrigued by the feathers and decided to order some for myself.

A piece of feather costs P190 per piece. I found it quite expensive so i decided to go for their set kit (P799). They have around twelve set kits to choose from and I chose “ginger spice” which contains 5 pieces of feathers in shades of orange. I decided on orange feathers because I thought they would match my hair well. :)

The set kit came with two micro beads that will be used to attach the feather onto the head. I found a tutorial online to help me attach my feathers. My dad helped me attach the feathers onto me head. teehee! Click here for the tutorial that i used. :)

Me with the feather extensions:

My thoughts on feather hair extensions:

  • i love that they are so easy to attach onto my hair
  • i also love that you can treat the feathers as hair (you can shampoo, iron, blow dry, curl them)
  • i wish they were longer to match my hair length
  • i wish they were cheaper. teehee

I really love how my blog pushes me to try new things! :)

That’s it for now! :)

Stay safe, everyone!

Maxie <3

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