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    Supersale Bazaar: LOTD + Haul


    My mini bag line Curated Manila had a booth at the Supersale Bazaar which was recently held at the World Trade Center. We were there for 5 days and I basically shopped everyday I was there. I just couldn’t help it!!! One of my major pet peeves when I go shopping in bazaars is not getting to see everything that’s on sale. I’m glad that I was able to take my time to look around the whole bazaar. I feel like I already knew it by heart after 5 days exploring it. ;) ha ha.

    I’ve been thinking about wether or not to post a haul post because I did not want to seem like I’m bragging. However, based on the views from the last haul post, it seems like people like haul posts! So here are the items that I was able to accumulate from the bazaars in 5 days:

     I bought more clothes than makeup because I realized that I’ve been spending too much money on makeup and I’m running out of clothes! 

    My top three purchases:

     This has to be my favorite purchase! It’s a super cute “lock” thing that binds wires. I use it to bind the wires of my gadgets such as my phone charger wire, Ipod connector wire, etc.

    This is my second fave purchase! This pair of heels make my legs look thin plus I got the seller to give me a pretty nice discount. :)

    My third fave purchase! I find this sooo cute and unique! The owner of the booth does on the spot made to order bracelets and necklaces in the same style. They have lots of colors to choose from but I chose this jewel tone color to match the holiday season. :)

    Here are the makeup items that I bought. I LOVE eyeshadow palettes! I’m very excited to review my newest palette from UD which is the limited edition Alice in Wonderland Palette. This was released a  while back and I got so excited when I saw it in the bazaar. <3

    Here’s what I wore to the first day of the Bazaar:

    Top from F21 || shoes from Payless

     shorts from f21

    Bag from Curated Manila

    gold ring from a bazaar, mint ring from F21, watch from Casio

    Did you guys go to the bazaar? What did you haul? :)

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    What I’ve Been Up To


    I was on a very short hiatus until recently because I’ve relocated my mini Panini Stall to Mezza Norte (near UP technohub). My panini stall was conceptualized around July this year! I went to New York for the first time this summer and I wanted to incorporate a New York theme into the conceptualization of my items and menu. All the items in my menu are inspired by different elements of New York and my friend Justine helped me with naming some my menu items! :)

    We were active for a week until I decided to wait and look for better location for my panini stall. About three weeks ago, God has proven to me once again how faithful and amazing He is by allowing me to finally have a stall in Mezza Norte! I waited roughly three months just to get my application processed and by His grace I am now finally able to let people taste the delicious paninis that I truly BELIEVE in (drama much? ha ha ha.)!

    Ever since we got in, I’ve been attending to my stall every night, meeting wonderful people and being inspired by the people I meet. I was also reminded by how supportive my friends and family are. I’ve been selling paninis every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6pm-3am and it’s really tiring especially since I have class on Friday and Saturday. What’s been encouraging me to keep pushing for this is the never-ending support of my friends, family, and of course the customers who have been giving me good feedback on the paninis. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing customers go back to my stall even a week after they buy from my stall.

    Here are some photos of some of my memorable moments from these past few weeks!

    Jeff with his Empire Steak Panini!

    Josh and I with the one and only Ramon Bautista! I look stressed out here but I’m with Ramon Bautista so… KEBS.

    My best friend in Mezza Norte, Paul who is also the owner of Wrap Battle.

    With Lourd Veyra from the band Radio Active Sago Project.

    My fabulous friends, Justine (justeen) and Justin (as in justin bieber) Hahaha.

    Me holding a snake from a group of exotic animal enthusiasts! They told me that they’d buy from me if I touched their pet snake. lol.

    Customer-turned-friend, Lance!

    With my talented and supportive friend Aj. He created the graphic design for my menu in one night! Check out his works here.

    Selling to customers! :)

    Arguably the prettiest becky in the Ateneo, Martin Tuanquin! <3

    Josh working his charm in selling to this lovely customer! hehe.

    Model turned singer for a night, Anton! HEEHEE. (He sang Yellow :> )

    With one fo the cutest barkadas I’ve ever met! Andre, Monnik (who recently celebrated her birthday) and of course the driver/wingman/bodyguard/amazing friend, Anton. :)

    With the whole group! hehe

    With a leaner Miggy :> He’s sporting a new look which I don’t love but I’m still supporting it cuz he’s such an amazing friend. ;)


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    The Sembreak That Was


    Hello everyone!

    I’d just like to share some photos that I’ve accumulated in my camera over the break! This was one of the most memorable semestral breaks I’ve had! I met new people, caught up with friends, worked on my bag biz, bonded with friends from my org and shot a gun for the first time!!!!! :)

    Here’s my sembreak in photos…

    I was a facilitator in my org’s team building and one of the highlights of my break was being able to facilitate the team, Ninjajma Turtles, that won 2nd place overall! My co-facilitator and I got awarded the “stage-parents award” too! *kilig*

    My breaks aren’t  complete without a visit to Taft to visit my high school friends! We never called each other best friends but I feel like we don’t need that label anymore because they’re all likes sisters I never had! I wouldn’t have gotten through high school and the first few years of college without these girls!!! <3 Three of the people in my group go to La Salle so my other friend and I usually get forced to go to La Salle! :)

    Can you see how happy and kilig I am to see my girlies?! :)

    Mini outfit post: Top from Hong Kong, skirt from F21, shoes from Payless, bracelets from Mia Casa, Watch from Michael Kors, Necklace from Robinsons Department Store.

    My travel buddy!

    My handsome lil brother all dressed up for a school dance! He finally cut his hair cuz i told him he looked like some guy from eraserheads! ha ha ha. Every time he goes to a school dance, my girlfriends and I have dinner somewhere near the location of the dance because 3 of the people in the group have siblings from the same batch! :)

    Me wearing one of my favorite bags from Curated Manila, the Rowling Satchel in leopard and studs! Dress from f21, shoes from payless, watch from Casio.

    Had dinner at cafe Juanita then Mad Marks for dessert!

    I forgot the flavor but it contains candied pecans! YUMMMM. <3 I like artisan ice creams/gelatos. heehee.

    my sunny sunshine, teddy bear, driver, cheerleader, and friend, Nikki. <3

    My future accountant/economics expert friend, jemmy! <3

     That was my sembreak in photos!  I didn’t add photos from my Baguio trip because I’ll be doing another post for that. ;) My sem break was nothing short of amazing and it’s something I’ll definitely not forget! <3

    Love and lipstick,

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    Curated Manila: Never Before Seen Photos


    Hi everyone!

    Recently, we’ve been launching different collections for my bag line with my friend Daryl, Curated Manila. For those who haven’t heard of Curated Manila, it’s a proudly pinoy made bag line. My partner and diva in crime Daryl and I picked out the designs and swatches ourselves!! :)

    For the first shoot of our collection, I was the producer, stylist, “alalay” for the day! It was a bit tiring but fun and the feeling was undescribable when the photos were released. It wasn’t a vogue-esque shoot or anything like that but it was something that I could be proud of. Hee Heee!

    Here are the photos that weren’t used in our online look book! I proudly present beauty blogger and singer, Ericka Villongco as our first ever model! Doesn’t she look like a doll? :) As a fellow beauty blogger, she did her own makeup!

    L’engle Clutch

    L’engle Clutch

    L’engle Clutch

    L’engle Clutch

    L’engle Clutch

    Rowling Satchel

    Rowling Satchel

    Dahl satchel

    Dahl satchel

    This shoot was so much fun especially because Erick, our model, a dragged our friend Kally to Co-style! Thanks so much to Jonas Tamayo for the gorgeous photos and fabulous art direction! <3

    Grab your own Curated bag now!

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    MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection


    Hi everyone!

    The MAC Cosmetics store in Moa launched the limited edition Marilyn Monroe Collection collection yesterday and I only found out about the launch when I chanced upon the Marilyn Monroe Collection in Rockwell the other day.The MAC cosmetics store in SM Mall of Asia was the last MAC store in the Philippines to launch the Marilyn Monroe Collection. I was able to read about the launch online but I didn’t know when the Philippine launch was. :)

    I decided to purchase an item which is a MAC limited edition blush called legendary in the MAC Rockwell branch just in case I wasn’t going to make it to the SM Moa launch just because I really wanted to get something form the collection! I was told that I should be at the MOA branch at 11am because people really line up for launches of new collections! I arrived around 12 and was secretly happy because there was no line in sight! Apparently, people went earlier and some products got sold out as early as 11-ish yesterday! I really wanted the limited editon lipstick in Deeply Adored but it was already out of stock when I reached the MAC counter so I reached for the next best shade in my opinion which is called Charmed I’m sure. 

    We weren’t allowed to purchase the items yet and I was told that the actual selling period begins at 2pm, after the mini makeup demo. I was with my brother and dad whom I dragged along to pay for my purchases so they both got annoyed at me because they had til around 3:30 until I actually got to pay! ha ha! The whole process was very organized; we were each given a number and we had to pay according to our number!

    my brother says she looks like Taylor Swift! haha cutie.

    The whole collection is just lovely!!!! The fact that theme of the whole collection is all about one of the most iconic people in history combined with all the items being limited edition pushed me to make an effort to go all the way to SM Moa just to be able to snag some items from the collection. I absolutely love the packaging of the collection! The packaging of the products is shiny and different from the packaging of regular items. :)

    I wish I could buy everything!!!!

    What made me buy the products was really the packaging! The packaging was so unique and pretty!!! AAAAH <333

    The hardship I went through just to be able to purchase my items make me value my limited edition pieces so much more!! :) If you haven’t checked the collection out, you must! If you wanna purchase items, your best bet would be in SM Moa since they’re the last and latest branch that launched the collection. :)

    i LOOOOVE the red kiss marks!! They make me wanna keep the boxes! haha

    That’s all for now! Reviews to follow. ;)

    Love and Lipstick,

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    CURATED MANILA: Behind The Scenes


    Hello there!!


    I’m back! Before I left, I had to go stylist mode even if I’m not really a stylist or a fashion blogger! I took up the challenge for my baby, Curated Manila! My other half is no other than DARYL MIKO CHAN, whom I first met when we played badminton! I saw her again in school, our chika powers proved us to be a match made in heaven! <3  We wanted to promote Filipino pride in our own way and decided to design and create bags that are 100% made in the Philippines!


    Anyway, back to my post! :)) The shoot was super last minute and Daryl and I are so happy to be able to get makeup blogger and singer, Ericka Villongco to be our very first model! I was able to get a super talented student photographer, Jonas Tamayo of 11:11 Productions. Ericka and I were able to drag fashion blogger Kally Araneta last minute to co-style as well! The night before the shoot, our photographer told me he wanted to shoot at Ayala Hillside so I stressed my dad out and got him to find someone to let us in! teehee!


    Photog Jonas Tamayo hard at work!

    Curated Manila’s first ever model, Ericka Villongco

    Some of my accessories! I think this speaks for my love for accessories. haha!

    Stylist and peg! I swear I neatly arranged everything before I left my house!

    meet my super supportive dad who accompanied us all day! <3 Love you, dad!

    Ericka’s equally talented and gorgeous sister Krissy helping Ericka pick out bags!

    Group photo!

    With Kally before she left. :)

    My LOTD:

    I just HAD to take advantage of having a photographer around since I ALWAYS struggle taking outfit photos! I know, I look summery. haha I just wanted to feel bright and happy and productive so I tried to incorporate neons into my look. :) Well,  kinda based my outfit on my shoes, which I LALALOVE!


    Top from Nava || pants from HNM || vest from taiwan 

    Spike bracelets from an online shop! I forgot wheree. || gold casio watch from Vintage Casio Watches || orange insect repellant from my dad || belt from Nava

                      Yes, kailangan tiptoe! Shoes from Chili Margarita Shoes.

    Didn’t put on too much makeup because i was on poser stylist mode and I wanted to focus on the shoot! :)

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    Debut Video


    Hi everyone!

    As promised, here’s my pre-debut teaser. It was beautifully shot by people from the same team who did my pre-debut photos!


    Max at 18 | Save the Date from Lyka Gonzalez on Vimeo.

    Here’s something different from our usual inviteasers. ;)

    (c) 11:11 Productions
    Direction and Cinematography by Miko Ancheta and Lyka Gonzalez
    Art Direction by Jonas Tamayo
    Editing by Lyka Gonzalez
    Styling, Hair and Make-Up by Pong and Bang Niu
    Music: Glorybox by Portishead
    Client: Maxine Marcelino


    Shot by Lyka Gonzalez and Miko Ancheta from 11:11 Productions

    Edited by Lyka Gonzalez

    Directed by Jonas Tamayo from 11:11 Productions

    HMUA and styling by Pong and Carlo Niu


    That’s it for now! <3


    Love and Lipstick,

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    Pre-Debut Photos


    Hello everyone!

    In my last post, I’ve announced the addition of two new categories (events and lifestyle) in my blog in order to let you guys get to know me more. So this post is going to be my first personal non-beaty related post! This brings me to my super weird title: YODO. I was talking to a friend last night and he mentioned a term to me which I found super funny! YODO. It means “You’re only debuting once.” Ha Ha Ha! I found it so funny I just had to make it the title of this post. I think you already have an idea of what this post is about! ;)

    I recently turned 18 and being a girlie girl ever since I could talk, I just HAD to have a debut. I actually contemplated on being practical and just ask for money or something but I ended up choosing to have a debut because I think it’s also my mom’s secret fantasy to have one. haha. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else! I did not have an event planner. I was the one who got the majority of the suppliers and my mom would accompany me to most of the meetings. The debut planning was such a perfect way for my mom and I to bond and I’m just so thankful that she was with me every step of the way. :)

    For this post, I’ll be releasing the pre-debut photos which were shot by my fellow school mates and their team is called 11:11 Productions! They’re all so talented and so much fun to work with!


    gorgeous gown by Veejay Floresca!

    This sexy red dress is by Carlo Niu, my amazeballs stylist!

    This black lace dress with lace appliques is a Carlo Niu creation as well.  <3

    That’s it! :) Most of these photos were taken by Kara Chung and Migs Santiago. Hair and Makeup by Ms Pong Niu. Styling by Carlo Niu.

    I also wanted to share what I’ve been up to lately! I’ve have been hailing accessories like a mad woman these past few days!

    So… I accumulated all of this in a span of two days. haha! Well to be fair, I couldn’t shop much during this past sem and I promised to reward myself with some retail therapy. :) I think it’s quite obvious from this photo how much i lalalaloove necklaces! :)

    That’s all for now! Watch out for my predebut teaser. :)

    Love and Lipstick,

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