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Aesthetique Solutions: Do it yourself Microdermbrasion

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Facials, manicures, eyelash extensions, hair treatments, waxing…. The things we can do to our bodies just never seem to end. And I do all of the things I listed above regularly. But if you had the chance to do something by yourself at home, would you take it? Well, when I found out that I could do own diamond peeling at home, my jaws dropped to the ground. Enter the Aesthetique Solutions Microdermbrasion Kit. 

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It’s basically a pear shaped device that is about the size of an average person’s hand.

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What’s in The Kit

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Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device, Charging Base, USB Cable, USB Adaptor, 2 Exfoliation Tips ( standard and fine), Filters, Brush, and Pouch.

How Does It Work?

The device although small and compact, works like a dermatologist grade diamond peel machine. It lifts and removes dead skin cells from your body and the best part is, you can use it on every part of your body. Even on the butt, if you wish!

To use it, you first have to make sure that the filter is inserted into the tip (to catch all the dead skin cells!). Next, attach the tip into the device.

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Next, turn the power on. You may choose from level 1, 2, or 3 depending on the area of the body where you want to use the device. Then gently slide the tip onto your skin in vertical or horizontal strokes. What’s important is that you use it in one direction.

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You can also customize the duration of each area of the face on the device! Cool, right?

Why do I like it?

The device is portable so I can do it at the comfort of my own home and I can bring along with me when I travel.

It removes the dead skin cells from the skin which in turn will allow the my expensive (and afforable) skincare products sink into my skin smoothly.

It also helps reduce size of appearance of pores, eliminate dry skin and flakiness, and smooth razor bumps or “chicken skin”.

How much is the device?

The kit retails for 10,000. But if you think about it, we get facials at an average of twice a month. If each facial is about 1,000, if you multiply that by 12 (months), that will be a whopping P24,000! My point is, you really get your money’s worth with this device.

Where can you buy it?

Calyzta, BeautyMNL, or Zalora.


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