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A Whole New Sutukil Exprience with Isla Sugbu Seafood City


Cebu is a very memorable city for me because it’s the place where I joined my first Dance Sport competition and it was the same competition that validated my love for Latin ballroom. So when I was given the opportunity to re-visit Cebu,  a vibrant city that holds a very special place in my heart, I immediately seized the chance. It’s been a few years since my last visit to Cebu but one of my fondest dining memories is eating in a Sutukil* Restaurant.

*Sutukil, a style of cooking rooted in the Visayas culture, is a combination of three words. Each of which are different types of cooking, particularly with seafood. “Su” comes from the word “sugba”, which means “to grill”. “Tu” comes from the word “tuwa”, which means “to stew”. Finally, “Kil” comes from the word “kilaw”, which means “to soak in vinegar.”

So while planning with my companions, aside from the obvious Lechon tasting crawl on top of my list, I wanted to revisit a sutukil restaurant. My last experience was in hole-in-a-wall, no frills, probably-unsanitary sutukil restaurant. I recalled having a wonderful feast then. But a divalicious friend (whom I shall not name) in the group refused to go to a traditional sutukil restaurant because of the sanitation issues that come with regular sutukil restaurants. Good thing, we came discovered Isla Sugbu Seafood City Sutukil Restaurant while doing our research.


Isla Sugbu Seafood City restaurant is a whole lotta different from Cebu’s typical sutukil restaurants.

They offer a wide array of FRESH (most even, live) seafood to choose from… Some of which, are only available in Seafood City








bright, clean, and comfortable interiors..


…and strict safety measures of handling the ingredients to ensure the freshness and cleanliness of its dishes.




It was a wonderful compromise between trying out a sutukil restaurant and meeting my friends’ sanitary standards.

Here are some of the stuff we got to try:




Yep, eating all those food literally gave me food coma. Writing this right now at 12:26am is making me miss Cebu even more!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Seafood City has truly taken the Sutukil experience to a whole new level. It delivers the delicious flavors and utmost freshness of its seafoods to customers minus all the sanitary concerns that regular sutukil joints raise.

I had a great time delighting my senses with Seafood’s mouth-watering dishes without having to worry about a trip to the local pharmacy the following day.

Seafood City is a seafood lover’s personal paradise and deserves a spot on any seafood lover’s Cebu Foodtinerary.


They also offer 4 different packages at P1600 Net for 4 pax:

*Each package comes with a fress appetizer, dish of the day and rice platter.

Package A:

Fish Sugba

Shrimp Tinuwa

Fish Kinilaw

Package B:

Squid Sugba

Shrimp Tinuwa

Fish Kinilaw

Package C:

Fish Sugba

Fish Tinuwa

Shrimp Kinilaw

Package D:

Squid Sugba

Fish Tinuwa

Shrimp Kinilaw

max 2




Isla Sugbu Seafood City

The Grand Convention Center in Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City



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