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Review: NARS Audacious Lipstick Anita


My love affair with NARS began in the most cliché possible manner: NARS Super Orgasm. Ever since, I ventured into other face products but never really gotten to trying any of their lip products. Because as a beauty junky, there’s always too many makeup in the world left to buy and I just never prioritized trying any of their lip products. Shameful, I know. I was close to trying out the lip pencils but I can’t brink myself to do so because NARS pencils require sharpening and I hate the wastage that sharpening costs.

Anyway, when NARS launched it’s Audacious lipstick line with FOURTY beautiful shades, the buzz that went with it was deafening. It was impossible not to lust after 1, or 2, or 3, or all the shades. For those who don’t know, my grandpa does my biggest yearly makeup haul because he goes to the States every year. And I always never pass up the chance to send him my shopping list! Of course, that list HAD to include one NARS Audacious lipstick, and I picked Anita based on Temptalia’s ever so comprehensive swatch gallery.



The first thing I immediately noticed as I laid my hands on my first-ever-NARS lippie is the cool sensation of the metal packaging soothing my skin. I was ecstatic to know that Francois Nars has FINALLY listened to all our woes over his dust-collecting gems! And the best part of the new packaging is that it comes with a magentic closure. It doesn’t really help with making things more efficient but it’s a new experience and I believe that premium quality products should come with experiences that you’ll remember.


Formula and Shade

I had a realization recently that a lot of my bold lip colors often get neglected because as much as I loved them before, they’re actually quite a nuisance to use. And because of this, I tend to gravitate towards more neutral, every-day-wear colors. I still love my occasional hot pink or cherry red shades but I just find these shades so high maintenance. So, the predictable me went for Anita, a beautiful warm pinkish beige shade. I think the shade is so pretty and easy to wear. I can wear it with almost any look, but I can’t wear it alone without wearing any makeup because I look weird. Although it’s a more neutral shade, it’s still very opaque and can actually cover my natural lip color after one swipe.


 It looks like a very common shade, but I thankfully have no dupe in my collection. Urban Decay Fiend is pinker, Giorgio Armani Brun Créateur is more orange, and MAC Hug Me is browner.

The formula is out of this world. It’s been a while since I came across with a formula that’s forgiving on my naturally dry and chapped lips. The texture is so beautiful because it applies so smoothly on my lips. I can’t help but swipe on a few more layers just because the sensation is addicting. It’s also very comfortable to wear  and it almost feels weightless.


The Drawback

This may be just one of my favorite lipstick shades and formulas EVER but it does come with one catch: longevity. Since it has a satin finish, it can barely survive a meal. This is a problem for me because I like to eat…. a lot. So, I’ll have to reapply once in a while. But in the end, I don’t care really. I’d rather have a chapped-lips-approved lipstick than a matte one.

Final Thoughts

The Nars Audacious Lipsticks are not the most unique formula in the market. I still have a lot of chapped-lips-approved lipsticks in my stash. But what makes it stand out to me are the following:

  1. The knowledge that there 39 other beautiful shades with the same formula waiting for my love.
  2. Their accessibility. I love the UD Revolution Lipstick line but we don’t have it here.
  3. Finally, the overall experience it brings. Like I said, the formula is SO WELL MADE. How can one not love it?

I think though, that this won’t appeal as much to matte lipstick junkies. But for those who had sad chapped lips like me, you’re going to love this! To end, I can’t wait to purchase another shade. But knowing me, it might take a while because my wishlist is still full of products I’ve yet to try.








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  • Reply Meg

    You make me want to get Anita! Bakit ang ganda sayo!!! <3 Super pretttyyyyy. But I have 3 shades in the audacious range na! Tuwing sale ko lang ito binibili e. Or pag nasa duty free ako. Mura ko siya nabibili sa Korea kasi nakasale parati. HAHA.

    06/29/2015 at 2:36 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      OMGGGG!!!! Paano mo nakuhang sale?! Parang never pa ako nakakita ng NARS na sale huhuhuhu!!!! Sooo lucky!! which shades did you get? :)

      and hehehe Thank youu. :)))

      06/29/2015 at 2:38 PM
  • Reply Lea

    ANG GANDA OK HUHUHU I hope it’s bagay with morenas too!

    06/29/2015 at 2:59 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      Thanks Lea!! <3 Maybe you can go to the NARS counter, have them sanitize it so you can try it!! <3

      06/29/2015 at 3:39 PM
      • Reply lea

        I finally got a tube! I got Vanessa instead of Anita, and ang ganda nga.

        11/20/2015 at 7:14 AM
  • Reply Rae

    Yun din gripe ko, compared to matte lipsticks, hindi sya as long wearing. But, at least it doesn’t fade kapag iinom lang. Thankfully my lips can tolerate matte lipsticks.

    08/19/2015 at 6:46 AM
  • Reply April

    How much is this?

    01/20/2018 at 4:13 PM
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