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    LOTD: Summer Calling My Name


    Those who have been following my blog know that I recently went to Davao. Today I’ll be posting my one and only outfit post from Davao. We were too busy going around the place to take outfit photos. :( And we were travelling with 2 other families so it was sooo awkward having them watch me pose. The must have been judging me. HA HA. eek!

    Here are the photos! :)

    *I know that it’s not common to see outfit posts in different locations. However, I took photos in two places and I can’t decide which set to post so I’m posting both! This is my blog after all so anything goes. HAHA

    Dress from Forever 21

    these were taken at the Crocodile Farm :)

    What I wore as my arm candy…. I’ve been going crazy over these nicole bracelets that I recieved from The Clink Shop! They have it in so may different colors which are perfect for building up your arm candy! :) For this look, I picked these two gorgeous pastel bracelets to math my dress. :)

    Yes, I preferred to wear flip flops with this outfit because we went island hopping. :) These photos were taken at a Zorv ball park! Scroll down to watch a video of me in the Zorv ball. HAHA

    And… Here’s the video! :) I look awkward, I know! haha I had to tie up my dress to be able to ride the zorv ball so.. yeah. :))

    Inside the Zorv Ball from maxine marcelino on Vimeo.

    My brother insisted on taking the camera into the zorv ball so here’s the result. :D

    PS: I’ll be hosting my giveaway very very soon!!! Watch out for it. ;)


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    LOTD: Prom 2013


    Josh and I ate dinner at Nolita a few weeks back and we saw high schoolers walking around high street in their prom garb. We started reminiscing about our respective prom memories when we were in high school then he had a crazy idea of wanting to go to “prom” with me. Haha. So he finally set a date but didn’t tell give me a clue on what his plans were until it actually happened! :)

    I didn’t have time to get a gown made so I had to make do with what I had. I recently bought a dress from Apartment 8 wihtout having any idea where I was going to wear it. When Josh told me of his super vague plans and with the help of my DAD (fashion guru daw siya. pagbigyan) and my girlfriend Abi, I knew that it was the perfect dress perfect for the night.  Here’s the look I came up with:

    earrings from F21

    my fotd:

    I took this right before I left. I look more decent here! haha

    with the sweetest! :) thank you for such a memorable “prom” night.

    So I was walking around in my semi formal outfit with a huge polaroid hanging on my wrist just because I felt like we weren’t going  have another opportunity to get all dressed up any time soon. :)




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    Everyone has those days when they feel frustrated or annoyed over things that they can’t control. I’ve recently been bothered by so many things that are out of my control. When I feel bothered, stressed, or annoyed, I do things that are within my control to make myself feel better. Among my favorite pick-me-uppers are getting my nails done, shopping, dressing up, playing around with my makeup, and pigging out! For this particular case, I went for applying my favorite red lippie! Nothing says powerful, sexy, and in control better than a fiery red lipstick! HAHA

    Here’s what I wore when I manned my panini stall at Cucina Andare last weekend:

    top from Nude || shorts from f21 || gold flats from payless

    Check out my arm candy! It’s extra special for this look because of the super gorgeous handmade burgundy wrap bracelet from the clink shop! It’s made from suede leather. ;)

    I normally go for my statement necklaces but the burgundy wrap bracelet already made enough of a statement for my look. :)

    earrings from korea

    I also very excited to announce that I will be having my second blog giveaway very very soon! It’s currently my finals week so I’m quite busy as of the moment. I’ll be releasing another post regarding the giveaway very soon! Stay tuned! ;)


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    LOTD: Gold Triangles


    I never really abided by the term, “sunday dressing”. It’s not that I have anything against it. It’s just that I understand that point in having to dress differently on sundays. As long as I wear something descent, I don’t see anything wrong with wearing clothes that don’t fit the phrase “sunday dressing”  :) Here’s what I wore to church today:

    You might be wondering why all my outfit photos for today will be cropped from above my knee. My family members and my close friends know for a fact that I’m a total klutz. I am literally a walking disaster. I joined the recent  Color Manila Nite Run last saturday for the 10k division. Less than 3k into the run, *BAM!*, I tripped. BOTH OF KNEES WERE SCRAPED. In my defense, we were running at night and my right foot went into a hole that fit my foot perfectly. I had the privilege of being the first person to be treated by the medics. HA HA. Although my injuries really hurt, my mini accident made the fun run so much more memorable! :)

    Blazer from Nava || skirt from forever 21

    necklace from Yhansy

    bag from bubbles || gold bracelets from my grandma || casio watch || “believe” bracelet from a friend 


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    LOTD: Under the Sea


    It’e been a while since I last posted an outfit post! Today I’ll be posting the outfit that i wore to the biggest party in the Ateneo, Shindig: Submerged. I was very busy prior to Shindig so I shopped for my entire outfit on the day of the event itself! I took the theme of the party to heart and this is what I came up with:

    tube corset and skirt from Forever 21

    Shoes from Michael Antonio

    I SUPER LOVE THE DETAIL OF THIS SKIRT! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! <3

    Clutch from Ever New

    I took “submerged” to a whole new level by incorporating different elements of the ocean into my outfit. My corset is made of sequins, My skirt reminds me of scallops, and my clutch looks like a shell! :)

    earrings from forever 21

    MY LOTD:

    Since my entire look was already shining shimmering and splendid, i went for my go-to neutral eye-makeup look and paired it with a nude lip. I only contoured my cheeks; I did not put on blusher anymore. I felt like adding a blusher would over-do my look.

    I really like how this last minute look turned out! :)

    Some photos I grabbed from the party:


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    LOTD: Farewell, 2012


    Happy New Year!

    My last LOTD of 2012:

    Top from a Bazaar and leggings from HnM.

    Earrings from Yhansy

    Aldo Bag

    Believe leather cuff from a friend || Watch from a friend

    I know I’m late but I’ve been busy with all the holiday preparations and I wanted to relax and be away from the world. ha ha. 2012 has got to be one of the most amazing years I’ve ever had. It was such an AMAZING year filled with memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Here are some of the moments and people who have made my 2012 special. :) I wrote about my last LOTD before this because the content of this post from here on is a teeny bit photo heavy. ;)

    1.  This was the year when I finally put up my own beauty blog with my own domain name in August

              2. This was the year when I was able to go two of THE most magical cities I’ve ever been to: New York and New Orleans. 

    NY 2012. I chose this photo because there are too many Times Square photos already! Also, this house looks similar to the houses I see in movies! It looks like Charlotte’s house from SATC, don’t you think? :)

    New Orleans 2012.

              3. I joined two orgs: AJMA and Tugon. Both of which I love dearly!

    With the most down to earth diva ever, Alex Dayrit! <3

    In an awareness talk for Tugon with Ms. Risa Hontiveros.

              4. These girls <3

    I got closer to this pretty lady beside me who’s like a big sister to me, Daryl Chan! I have THREE first somethings with this fabulous woman!

    The girl who always knows what to say when I have a problem, JB! <3 (I don’t have a neck but we look cute here hehehe)

    The most multi-talented girl I know, Kara and Justine! :)

    Nikki and Poki! <3 my wooovs. heehee.

    My sister in takaw-ness, Abi V. <3

    Martin Tuanquin! :)

    Kally and Ericka! :)

              5. I started my own bag line, panini stall, and online accessory shop!

    Curated Manila

    New York Minute Paninis

    Sweet Escape

              6. I went to my first halloween party!

              7. These boys.

    With Josh! heehee repeat photo. It’s our only decent solo photo together. :) So many firsts with this boy! One of them would be shooting my first gun everrr. teehee.

              8. I had my debut. :)

              9. I gained the highest award I’ve ever received in my dancing career.

             10. I FINALLY got to see my husband up close and personal. <333

              11. My girlies!!!!! and boy.

    Wouldn’t have gotten through the year without these girlies!


    Cheers to meeting new people and making new memories this 2013! <3


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    LOTD: Mustard


    It’s been a while since I posted an LOTD! Here’s what  I wore when I went out with my friend Josh when he celebrated his birthday. I didn’t know what I was dressing up for because he refused to tell me we were going! All I knew was that we were having lunch and I was told to wear something “chill” and flats! With the few details that I was given, here’s what I came up with:

    I wore heels for styling purposes only! I really wore flats as instructed. I wore gold flats to match the gold accents in my accessories. I’m glad that I wore flats because Josh ended up dragging me to Tagaytay. I don’t drive and have zero sense of direction which is why I didn’t figure out where we were headed until we reached Tagaytay.  I just realized that I’m an easy kidnap target. HA HA. Teehee.

    I picked out this lovely floral peplum skirt which I found appropriate for lunch and I then built my outfit around it.

    Corset from a bazaar || Peplum skirt from a Bazaar || Shoes from Michael Antonio

    Yes I know I need a manicure.

    Bag from A.L.T Manila || Watch from Michael Kors || Cuff from an online store

    Earrings from Yhansy

    I got this jacket from one of the stalls in the recent Supersale bazaar held at the WTC! I just love love love the color zipper detail on the jacket!

    This was the only photo Josh and I took together! I grabbed it from his instagram account, teehee! Belated Happy Birthday, Josh! :)

    I’m so glad that I brought a blazer with me because it was FREEZING in Tagaytay! As much as I tend to over-think things, I appreciate spontaneity once in a while! I’ve been to Tagaytay countless of times but it will never be the same after my last visit. :)

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    Supersale Bazaar: LOTD + Haul


    My mini bag line Curated Manila had a booth at the Supersale Bazaar which was recently held at the World Trade Center. We were there for 5 days and I basically shopped everyday I was there. I just couldn’t help it!!! One of my major pet peeves when I go shopping in bazaars is not getting to see everything that’s on sale. I’m glad that I was able to take my time to look around the whole bazaar. I feel like I already knew it by heart after 5 days exploring it. ;) ha ha.

    I’ve been thinking about wether or not to post a haul post because I did not want to seem like I’m bragging. However, based on the views from the last haul post, it seems like people like haul posts! So here are the items that I was able to accumulate from the bazaars in 5 days:

     I bought more clothes than makeup because I realized that I’ve been spending too much money on makeup and I’m running out of clothes! 

    My top three purchases:

     This has to be my favorite purchase! It’s a super cute “lock” thing that binds wires. I use it to bind the wires of my gadgets such as my phone charger wire, Ipod connector wire, etc.

    This is my second fave purchase! This pair of heels make my legs look thin plus I got the seller to give me a pretty nice discount. :)

    My third fave purchase! I find this sooo cute and unique! The owner of the booth does on the spot made to order bracelets and necklaces in the same style. They have lots of colors to choose from but I chose this jewel tone color to match the holiday season. :)

    Here are the makeup items that I bought. I LOVE eyeshadow palettes! I’m very excited to review my newest palette from UD which is the limited edition Alice in Wonderland Palette. This was released a  while back and I got so excited when I saw it in the bazaar. <3

    Here’s what I wore to the first day of the Bazaar:

    Top from F21 || shoes from Payless

     shorts from f21

    Bag from Curated Manila

    gold ring from a bazaar, mint ring from F21, watch from Casio

    Did you guys go to the bazaar? What did you haul? :)

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