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A New Favorite Filipino Resto: Kabisera


For those who follow my foodie adventures on my Instagram Accont (@maxieissuper), you would know that I’ve eaten at about majority of the restos in Manila. But no matter how much restos that keep on popping up, I always return to familiar flavors for comfort. One of my ultimate comfort foods is Filipino food. I mean, why not? It’s something that I grew up with and I’m sure a lot of you share the same sentiments.

Just when I thought I’ve already settled my signature go-to Filipino restaurants, another begs to be added to my staples list: Kabisera.


I go around the Fort quite often and I always thought of Kabisera as a drinking place… which of course isn’t something I always do so I used to just overlook it. Recently, I was able to try out Kabisera for the first time ever and each dish had me going “ohhhhhh, ahhhh, and yuuuum”!!!

Upon entering Kabisera, I immediately fell in love with it’s grand yet homey interiors. The design welcomes a lot of natural light which sent butterflies to my tummy. I just knew, I was going to have an incredible meal.

Here’s what we had:

For starters, we had the Street Food Basket. It came in a mix of our tusok tusok faves such as squid ball, fish ball, and kikiam. It also came with a variety of sauces which made the sauce-monster in me go crazy.
Kabisera Street Ball Platter

Next we had the uber crispy Liempo Chips. Each chip was lightly fried to perfection. And what’s so awesome about it is that it was that chips were so crispy yet still tender. It was the perfect balance of crunchy and soft, if there’s even such a thing.

Kabisera Liempo Chips

Next was one of my favorites, and writing this makes me wanna rush to Kabisera for it…. CHICHARON BULAKLAK with vinegar. Holy hell. It was sooo good, clean, but sinful and I didn’t care.

Kabisera Chicharon Bulaklak

My friends had Isaw, but I don’t eat isaw.. They liked it though!

Kabisera Isaw

Of course, since Kabisera is Gerry’s grill’s sister company, we HAD to have their famous Pork and Beef Sisig.

Kabisera Pork and Beef Sisig.

 As for the mains we had the following: 


Another item that I absolutely loved was their Chicken Barbeque. When I hear chicken barbeque, what often comes to mind is the famous chicken barbeque in Roxas Boulevard. So when Kabisera’s chicken barbeque came out, I was impressed with its unique presentation. The tender morsels of chicken meat was a delight to my tastebuds.

Kabisera Chicken Barbeque

Pugon Lechon Baboy

Kabisera Pugon Lechon Baboy

House Wings Platter

Kabisera House Wings Platter

Their Pancit Luglog would have to be one of the best I’ve had in Manila. You just have to try it to believe it. Sooo good!

Kabisera Pancit Luglog

The Ensalada ng Kabiserawas a wonderful pairing to all of the dishes.

Ensalada ng Kabisera

And as if the yummy sisig wasn’t enough yet, we also had Sisig Rice!

Kabisera Sisig Rice


To end the meal on a wonderful note, we had Kabisera’s special halo-halo and Tablea cake.

The weather right now is KILLER and Kabisera’s halo-halo is the perfect cure to Manila’s extreme heat! The halo halo is made up of shaved ice, milk, flan, macapuno, sweetened banana and sago–all of which are made in house! This is so my type of halo halo, free of gulaman, beans, garbanzos, etc!!! And what I loved the most about their halo halowas the generous portion of supeeer yummy macapuno and mega creamy and rich leche flan. UGH. YUM!!!

Kabisera Halo Halo

The Tablea Cake was an interesting take on the traditional chocolate cake. Moist, and not too sweet.Kabisera Tablea Cake





 Kabisera succesfully delivers on their philosophy which is to serve elevated yet honest to goodness Filipino food. Their food is definitely a notch higher than the typical Filipino food that’s served at home but each of their dishes doesn’t fail to evoke feelings of comfort, love, and familiarity.

If I were to go back (I definitely am going back), I’d have the chicharon bulaklak, crispy liempo chips, pancit luglog, chicken bbq, house wings platter, and halo-halo!


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