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    My gorgeous friend Alayne recently contacted me and asked me if I could do her makeup for her Mr. and Ms. SOM (School of Management) photo shoot. She is such a sweet heart and a dear friend of mine so I gladly accepted the offer. I was the official makeup artist for last year’s Ms. SOM winner from AJMA ( Ateneo Junior Marketing Association) and it was a lot of fun but this year’s a lot more special to me because Alayne is a dear friend. :)

    She’s playing Daphne from Scoobydoo. Here’s the before and after photo:

    I decided to go for a neutral eye look using my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette and paired it with bold hot pink lips using my favorite lipstick from Avon’s newest collection, Ultra Color lipstick in Hot Pink.

    As a makeup artist, it was such a breeza working on Alayne. She has “flat eyes” and flat eyes are the easiest to do eye makeup on. She also has gorgeous and full lips which made lipstick application very enjoyable.

    Some photos from the shoot:


     THEIR FINAL POSTER. :) Don’t forget to vote for the ADORABLE couple by liking their photo on facebook here.

    It was such a pleasure being part of Mr. and Ms. Lex’s team and I feel really amazing about final poster. :)

    Other products that were used on Alayne were:

    • revlon photoready foundation
    • MUD concealer
    • TheBalm Bahama Mama
    • NARS Orgasm
    • K-Palette liquid liner

    What do you guys think? :) Interested in collaborations? Email me at maxinemarcelino@gmail.com for inquiries! :)



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    The Beautiful Women In My Life

    Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 11.23.09 PM

    Hi everyone!

    Today, we were tasked to do the makeup of mature or aging women and  I was able to do the makeup of my mom and my grandmother. I just want to share some of the photos I took today. :) It was such an exciting experience because my mom and grandma always let me do their makeup and I finally had a chance to let my worked be judged and improved by my teacher, Ms. G or Ms. Georgina. :)

    First, I want to talk about my mother  dearest. I have to admit that I’ve always been a daddy’s girl but as time passed, I have grown closer to my mom. She reads my blog so I won’t make this too dramatic. I just want to let her know that I really look up to her and she has been an amazing role model to me. She has taught me to be strong, independent, and wise about the decisions I make in my life. She has always been there to support me and push me to do the things that I love. I wouldn’t have grown to be what I am today without her. :)

    My guama has to be one of the coolest granny’s ever. She’s very liberal. Sometimes, I think she’s more liberal than my mom. hahaha! She gives me and my mom countless of beauty tips which is why she looks so young! I actually feel like I fell in love with makeup because of her makeup colelction. I used to go to her room and stare at her makeup and play with her eyelash curler. hehe. The place where she does her makeup is super well lighted and is surrounded y mirrors! It used to be cosmetic heaven to me. <3

    I taught my grandma to do the head tilt. HAHAHA

    she volunteered to pose with the background! hehe such a cute granny. <3

    I used a lot of neutral colors for their looks. I also made sure that their faces were moisturized very well (to make the foundation apply nicely) and I didn’t use a ton of shimmery eyeshadow because shimmery eyeshadows do not look very flattering on aging women. :) Tell me what you think in your comments below! <3




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    Summer 2013


    Hi everyone!

    If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I haven’t been so consistent with my blog posts. That is because I have been taking classes for a certificate course in makeup artistry in MUD (makeu-up designory Manila) located in Serendra. I’ve been taking classes 4 days a week from 10am-6pm. It’s super tiring because I kinda have to stand the whole time but it’s a whole lot of fun too! My makeup lessons kinda made me realize how much it’s taking up my time and there’s just never enough time in the world for all the activites I wanna do! haha So i’m going to list down some kinds of summer bucket list here on blog so that I’ll be forced to try to do eveyrhting on my list! I’ll update you on what I was able to do by the end of the summer. ;)


    1. make the most out of my certificate makeup course
    2. get back to having my mind set into eating HEALTHY!!!! (i’m always so conflicted cuz I LOVE FOOD. :( There was a time when I was so obsessed with having a healthy lifestyle until I kinda lost my super strict mind set.  people say that you can eat yummy food that’s healthy as well but NO. Those are lies!! A REALLY GOOOOD cupcake has to have a ton of oil, butter, sugar etc. So to eat healthily, you just really have to get used to eating the not-so-fun food. :( </3)
    3. Learn how to make siomai! my aunt’s cook makes THE BEST, I mean the BEEEST siomai ever! Everything is made from scratch. I’ll probably blog about it if I get to have a “learn how to make siomai day”.
    4. watch my tv shows. (hehe my happiness is super shallow; I watch a ton of american tv shows!)
    5. watch my korean tv shows  (yes, im a kpop fan.)
    6. work out more (i used to work out almost everyday. </3)
    7. try out yoga
    8. acrobatic pole dancing (HAHAHA)
    9. try as many ramen restos as i can!!!! i’m seriously on a ramen craze i don’t know why! I’ve tried, ukokkei ramen ron, mintsuyado seimen @ jupiter street, and kenji tei @ gb5)
    10. fly a kite (seriously haha)
    11. READ! (i need suggestions! comment them below? :) )
    12. learn how to bake more items!
    13. hang out more with my little prince (my dog. haha. he’s been “tampo” with me recently. k I’m not trying to be conyo. i don’t know the english word for tampo)
    14. post as much blog posts as i can!!! yay yay yay.
    15. i’ve been wanting to do so much stuff but I can’t rememeber them right now. :)) i’ll update this when I remember! 
    To end, I just wannashare some looks that I’ve been doing: (sorry for the grainy photos; they were taken from a phone cuz I wasn’t able to bring my camera)
    Natural eye makeup
    Summer eye makeup (i just bumped up the intensity of the first look and added some stuff)
    I actually got my friend, Justine to model for me but the photos are with her. :(
    Thanks, Eunice for modeling for me! Thanks Joshfor being my collage maker hahahaha.
    What are YOU doing for summer? let me know on the comments below! <3




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    Shindig 2013: Submerged Photoshoot


    Shindig was where it all began. It being my make-up “career” in my school! My first ever makeup gig was for last year’s Shindig: Animalia. It’s where I got to build up my connections with people who work in photoshoots within the Ateneo. I’ve been doing make-up gigs ever since! :)

    Here are some of the stuff I worked on last year:

    Photo by Kara Chung

    Photo by Kara Chung

    I’m so happy to have been  invited to be part of the incredibly talented team who put together this year’s shoot! AJMA without a doubt never fails to outdo itself year after year!

    Here are some of the photos from the shoot:

     Shindig promos head Alex Dayrit (the most down-to-earth diva I’ve ever met!)

    I got to work with a model named Maxine Medina. :) I used real swarovski crystals to create this look. <3 (Photo by Tim Arafiles)

    THE FINAL PRODUCT. <3 <3 <3 

    I’m soo happy with the final product! I’m also so amazed at how they were able to make the photo look like it was taken underwater! I feel extremely blessed to have been a part of the team that produced this. :)


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    CURATED MANILA: Behind The Scenes


    Hello there!!


    I’m back! Before I left, I had to go stylist mode even if I’m not really a stylist or a fashion blogger! I took up the challenge for my baby, Curated Manila! My other half is no other than DARYL MIKO CHAN, whom I first met when we played badminton! I saw her again in school, our chika powers proved us to be a match made in heaven! <3  We wanted to promote Filipino pride in our own way and decided to design and create bags that are 100% made in the Philippines!


    Anyway, back to my post! :)) The shoot was super last minute and Daryl and I are so happy to be able to get makeup blogger and singer, Ericka Villongco to be our very first model! I was able to get a super talented student photographer, Jonas Tamayo of 11:11 Productions. Ericka and I were able to drag fashion blogger Kally Araneta last minute to co-style as well! The night before the shoot, our photographer told me he wanted to shoot at Ayala Hillside so I stressed my dad out and got him to find someone to let us in! teehee!


    Photog Jonas Tamayo hard at work!

    Curated Manila’s first ever model, Ericka Villongco

    Some of my accessories! I think this speaks for my love for accessories. haha!

    Stylist and peg! I swear I neatly arranged everything before I left my house!

    meet my super supportive dad who accompanied us all day! <3 Love you, dad!

    Ericka’s equally talented and gorgeous sister Krissy helping Ericka pick out bags!

    Group photo!

    With Kally before she left. :)

    My LOTD:

    I just HAD to take advantage of having a photographer around since I ALWAYS struggle taking outfit photos! I know, I look summery. haha I just wanted to feel bright and happy and productive so I tried to incorporate neons into my look. :) Well,  kinda based my outfit on my shoes, which I LALALOVE!


    Top from Nava || pants from HNM || vest from taiwan 

    Spike bracelets from an online shop! I forgot wheree. || gold casio watch from Vintage Casio Watches || orange insect repellant from my dad || belt from Nava

                      Yes, kailangan tiptoe! Shoes from Chili Margarita Shoes.

    Didn’t put on too much makeup because i was on poser stylist mode and I wanted to focus on the shoot! :)

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    Maxieissuper x Ajma (update!)

    Screen shot 2012-09-10 at 12.47.24 AM

    Hello everyone!

    The video for my latest collaboration is out! It’s AJMA’s (Ateneo Junior Marketing Association) entry for SOM (School Of Management) week! It’s super kaduper cute feat. ADMU Blueu Eagles’ Von Pessumal and Kiefer Ravena AND Legit status! :) A must watch. ;)


    My review on Etude House’s eyebrow pencil! :)



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    AJMA x Maxieissuper

    DSC_0052 copy 2

    Hello everyone!

    Last sunday I was given the chance to do the makeup of the leading women for my school organization’s (AJMA) video shoot which will be used as an entry for a contest in this years SOM (School of Management) Week.

    The looks that they required for the girls were just very simple and neutral. Scroll down for the photos! 

    gorgeous Simmy Lopez! :)

    Milke Romero. Love her skin! :)

    yes, kailangan super pose cuz my outfit makes me look like an “alalay” beside these super gorgeous girls! :)

    I’m soo short! eek! haha

    So…. that’s it! Super fresh lang ang peg. :) Watch out for their video! :) I’ll be posting it here when it comes out. ;)

    Thanks for reading! <3

    PS: Thanks to Nikki Tuason for the photos!!! <3

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