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    What I’m Currently Loving


    Hello my dear readers!

    Here’s a list of beauty products, trends, and random stuff that I’m currently loving this month!

    1. Cetaphil Face Wash

    I’ve been using my Shisheido facial wash until got curious and purchased this! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it and I wanted to try it out for myself. I think it’s a really nice facial wash especially for those with sensitive skin because it’s unscented and it does feel mild on my skin! I use day in the morning and at night. :)

     2. Lancome Bifacil Makeup Remover

    I’ve always loved this because it takes off even the most stubborn of mascaras! I use my Nivea Makeup wipes on a daily basis while I use this when my face is fully made up.  I previously reviewed this is my tumblr blog. I might transfer my previews posts when I’m not so busy!

    3. Shu Ueura Concealer

    In the past, I have been using my Skin Food salmon concealer. When I ran out, I went back to using this Shu Uemura concealer. I’ve forgotten how nice it is! I love concealers in general and during days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, I just conceal my eyebags, do my brows, and apply lip balm! :)

    4. Black Beauty Fix!

    I always apply this after I flat iron my hair! I love how I only need to use a REALLLYYY small amount of product to make my hair look shiny! TIP: Do not apply this from the roots of your hair to keep your hair feeling light. Pump the bottle once and spread the product on your palms. Start at the middle portion of your hair strands and comb through them.

    5. Insect Repellant Band

    I’m super paranoid about getting dengue! My dad got this cute insect repellant band for me and forces me to wear it everyday. I asked him to get the other colors for me so that I can match it with my outfits. ha ha ha. I wear it almost everyday on my own will just because I don’t ever want to experience getting dengue!

    6. RED album

    I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!! :) Among my faves from the album are: Stay Stay Stay, Holy Ground, Red, I Almost Do, and I Knew You  Were Trouble. Hahaha! I like almost all of the songs I had to stop enumerating! It’s such a nice album I’ve been listening the the album non-stop. :)


    MY ultimate fave song of the album of the moment is Everything Has ChangedMy friend Kally to listen to it and couldn’t stop listening to it ever since. :) heehee.


    I’ve been craving for anything that’s salted caramel! Salted caramel cupcakes, macarons and ice cream! AAAAHHH LOVE LOVE LOVE. I used to love anything red velvet but salted caramel is quickly catching up with my red velvet obsession. <3

     8. BAZAARS!!!!

    I JUST LOOOOOOVE BAZAARS! I love bazaars because most of the items in bazaars and Filipino made! I recently went to the Global Pinoy Bazaar in the Rockwell tent and I was so impressed with all the Filipino brands! A lot of items are not only cheap but are also of superb quality. Would you believe that I spent less than PHP2500 for all the items in the photo above?! I especially love the corset because of the super pretty back!! I didn’t take a photo of the back just in case I take an outfit photo wearing it in the near future. ;) I think we should shop at bazaars more and patronize our own products!

    What have you guys been loving? :)

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    MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection


    Hi everyone!

    The MAC Cosmetics store in Moa launched the limited edition Marilyn Monroe Collection collection yesterday and I only found out about the launch when I chanced upon the Marilyn Monroe Collection in Rockwell the other day.The MAC cosmetics store in SM Mall of Asia was the last MAC store in the Philippines to launch the Marilyn Monroe Collection. I was able to read about the launch online but I didn’t know when the Philippine launch was. :)

    I decided to purchase an item which is a MAC limited edition blush called legendary in the MAC Rockwell branch just in case I wasn’t going to make it to the SM Moa launch just because I really wanted to get something form the collection! I was told that I should be at the MOA branch at 11am because people really line up for launches of new collections! I arrived around 12 and was secretly happy because there was no line in sight! Apparently, people went earlier and some products got sold out as early as 11-ish yesterday! I really wanted the limited editon lipstick in Deeply Adored but it was already out of stock when I reached the MAC counter so I reached for the next best shade in my opinion which is called Charmed I’m sure. 

    We weren’t allowed to purchase the items yet and I was told that the actual selling period begins at 2pm, after the mini makeup demo. I was with my brother and dad whom I dragged along to pay for my purchases so they both got annoyed at me because they had til around 3:30 until I actually got to pay! ha ha! The whole process was very organized; we were each given a number and we had to pay according to our number!

    my brother says she looks like Taylor Swift! haha cutie.

    The whole collection is just lovely!!!! The fact that theme of the whole collection is all about one of the most iconic people in history combined with all the items being limited edition pushed me to make an effort to go all the way to SM Moa just to be able to snag some items from the collection. I absolutely love the packaging of the collection! The packaging of the products is shiny and different from the packaging of regular items. :)

    I wish I could buy everything!!!!

    What made me buy the products was really the packaging! The packaging was so unique and pretty!!! AAAAH <333

    The hardship I went through just to be able to purchase my items make me value my limited edition pieces so much more!! :) If you haven’t checked the collection out, you must! If you wanna purchase items, your best bet would be in SM Moa since they’re the last and latest branch that launched the collection. :)

    i LOOOOVE the red kiss marks!! They make me wanna keep the boxes! haha

    That’s all for now! Reviews to follow. ;)

    Love and Lipstick,

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    Top 6 Makeup Brushes For Beginners



    Hi Everyone!

    Today I’ll be going over the SIX basic brushes that we need for personal use. I am not a certified makeup artist but I’ve been learning about makeup application through my experiences in student collaboration photo shoots. For my makeup gigs, I bring a whole lot more brushes. However, when I sat down and thought about what beginners would need for personal daily use, I decided that 6 brushes will do. :)


    1. Fluffy Powder Brush

    This brush is good for applying powder foundation, loose setting powder, etc. You may also use this brush to blend your blush just in case you apply too much.

    2.  Angled Blush Brush / Blush Brush

    I chose an angled blush brush because you can contour and apply a blusher with the same brush. Just make sure the angled brush you use isn’t too dense or stiff because a dense or stiff brush isn’t ideal for blush application. A dense/stiff brush will most likely pick up too much product. If you can’t find a nice angled blush brush, a fluffy blush brush will do. :)

    3. Round kabuki brush/foundation brush

    I prefer this round kabuki foundation brush over the traditional flat foundation brush because this is one is a multipurpose brush. This applies foundation flawlessly and you can also use this to blend concealer under your eyes. The roundness of the brush allows you to blend concealer flawlessly. If you can’t find a kabuki brush like this, a normal flat foundation brush will do! :)

    4. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

    A basic flat eyeshadow brush is a must have for every beginner! :) you can use this to apply eyeshadow all over the lid, on the crease, or even on the outer v of your eye. :)

    5. Flat Blending Brush (crease)

    I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS BRUSH! This applies eyeshadow on my crease perfectly. It has the right amount of stiffness to apply eyeshadow. You may also use this for blending.

    6. Dome Shaped Fluffy Brush

    This has many uses as well! It’s good for blending eyeshadow, applying an overall lid color, and even applying a highlight shade for the brow bone.

    Where to buy brushes?

    I personally like to invest on MAC brushes because they can last for many years with proper brush care. However, since I am on a student’s budget, I buy my MAC brushes one by one. For my “professional” kit, I use Sigma brushes. Sigma brushes are high quality brushes and are a bit cheaper than MAC brushes. I ordered mine online because Sigma ships worldwide. :) Of course, I also like buying affordable brushes especially when they have good reviews. The high quality yet affordable brushes I have from the U.S are Sonia Kashuk from traget (my fave) and ELF (just a few select ones). I heard eco tools and real techniques are both good as well but i have yet to try them.

    In the Philippines, you can find affordable brushes in Watsons and even Landmark. I heard that Marionnaud is a good brand and you can find them in Watsons. Also a popular brush brand in the Philippines is Charm Brushes.

    That’s all for now! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. :) If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! <3

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    Fall 2012 Trend: Burgundy Colored Lips



    Hello everyone!

    I’ve never really been one to follow fashion trends by season but a friend of mine has been influencing me to update myself on the latest trends! Since I am a beauty blogger and not a fashion blogger, I decided to update myself with the latest makeup trends for fall. There were  lots of new exciting Fall 2012 runway makeup trends and I chose my favorite one: The Burgundy Colored Lip. Out of all the trends, I find this the most wearable. That and because I am in love with lipsticks!!!

    Apparently for fall, bloody red lips aren’t dramatic enough! This is a more dramatic take on the classic red lip and it kind of borders on a gothic vibe.

    Scroll down to see my take on the trend and to learn about tips on how to achieve this trend using affordable makeup! :)


    My take on the trend:

    I looked for a drugstore lipstick and the best one I found is Mauve-ulous from the Maybelline Colorsensational line. :)


    1. Make sure to exfoliate your lips because this shade would not look good on chapped lips. You can use petroleum jelly or your choice of lip balm for this. :)
    2. For a matte effect, you may dab some translucent powder on your lips after the lipstick has been applied.
    3. To be able to wear this on day time, make sure that the makeup on your entire face is minimal. You want people to focus on  your pretty lips! ;)
    4. To be able to wear this out at night, just pair it with a neutral colored smokey eye. For a night out of partying, feel free to go for a dramatic smokey eye! Just don’t use bright colors to avoid looking like a coloring book. teehee!
    I also wanted to use the trend on my nails so I picked a super deep wine colored polish the last time I had my nails done. :)
    You don’t really need to follow exact trends! Take inspiration from the latest trends and make them your own. :)
    That’s it! :) Would you be willing to try this trend or would you rather go for the classic red lip? :) Feel free to share your comments below! If you have any questions, you may comment below as well!
    Watch out for my review on the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Mauve-ulous. :)
    Thanks for reading! <3

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