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    Summer 2013


    Hi everyone!

    If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I haven’t been so consistent with my blog posts. That is because I have been taking classes for a certificate course in makeup artistry in MUD (makeu-up designory Manila) located in Serendra. I’ve been taking classes 4 days a week from 10am-6pm. It’s super tiring because I kinda have to stand the whole time but it’s a whole lot of fun too! My makeup lessons kinda made me realize how much it’s taking up my time and there’s just never enough time in the world for all the activites I wanna do! haha So i’m going to list down some kinds of summer bucket list here on blog so that I’ll be forced to try to do eveyrhting on my list! I’ll update you on what I was able to do by the end of the summer. ;)


    1. make the most out of my certificate makeup course
    2. get back to having my mind set into eating HEALTHY!!!! (i’m always so conflicted cuz I LOVE FOOD. :( There was a time when I was so obsessed with having a healthy lifestyle until I kinda lost my super strict mind set.  people say that you can eat yummy food that’s healthy as well but NO. Those are lies!! A REALLY GOOOOD cupcake has to have a ton of oil, butter, sugar etc. So to eat healthily, you just really have to get used to eating the not-so-fun food. :( </3)
    3. Learn how to make siomai! my aunt’s cook makes THE BEST, I mean the BEEEST siomai ever! Everything is made from scratch. I’ll probably blog about it if I get to have a “learn how to make siomai day”.
    4. watch my tv shows. (hehe my happiness is super shallow; I watch a ton of american tv shows!)
    5. watch my korean tv shows  (yes, im a kpop fan.)
    6. work out more (i used to work out almost everyday. </3)
    7. try out yoga
    8. acrobatic pole dancing (HAHAHA)
    9. try as many ramen restos as i can!!!! i’m seriously on a ramen craze i don’t know why! I’ve tried, ukokkei ramen ron, mintsuyado seimen @ jupiter street, and kenji tei @ gb5)
    10. fly a kite (seriously haha)
    11. READ! (i need suggestions! comment them below? :) )
    12. learn how to bake more items!
    13. hang out more with my little prince (my dog. haha. he’s been “tampo” with me recently. k I’m not trying to be conyo. i don’t know the english word for tampo)
    14. post as much blog posts as i can!!! yay yay yay.
    15. i’ve been wanting to do so much stuff but I can’t rememeber them right now. :)) i’ll update this when I remember! 
    To end, I just wannashare some looks that I’ve been doing: (sorry for the grainy photos; they were taken from a phone cuz I wasn’t able to bring my camera)
    Natural eye makeup
    Summer eye makeup (i just bumped up the intensity of the first look and added some stuff)
    I actually got my friend, Justine to model for me but the photos are with her. :(
    Thanks, Eunice for modeling for me! Thanks Joshfor being my collage maker hahahaha.
    What are YOU doing for summer? let me know on the comments below! <3




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