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    Review: YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch


    One of the most famous makeup products of all makeup history would have to be the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. Of course, there are so much more famous makeup products out there. However, it’s really hard to not know or not hear about this gold pen. A makeup addict cannot call herself one if she hasn’t at least heard about this Super Mega Holy Grail status concealer.  Given this, I was so curious as to why so many women rave about this alleged magical gold pen. Fast forward to the time I was in Sephora, I don’t know what crazy spirit inhabited my body to shell out $41 or (Php 1824.09) but I did. I think it’s the Sephora magic or hex (teehee) because that glorious makeup heaven can make women (and men) go crazy!





    The YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch contains 2.5 ml worth of product (I just realized how small the product content is, ouch…). The product itself has 12 different shades to cater to women of different complexions.The gold exterior of the pen lives up to its price tag because the pen looks so damn luxurious. The pen has a small brush as its applicator and it has a neat button at the end of the pen to release product. I like how it’s so easy to apply the product because of the super soft brush and button at the back of the pen.



    Shade and Formulation

    I got the shade 2.5 which is called luminous vanilla is for those who have light to medium complexions with warm undertones. I think the shade matches my skin tone in general but is a touch lighter than my skin tone. I really do not mind it being bit lighter than my normal skin tone because it’s perfect for brightening the skin.

    The YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is supposed to be a versatile product and can be used as an under eye concealer and highlighter. I remember the girl from Sephora telling me about how great of an under eye concealer it is. After using it for a few weeks now, I honestly think it fails an under eye concealer. The consistency is really light and does not cover up the dark shadows under my eyes very well.


    But wait, don’t get too disappointed just yet! This product has been raved about for a reason and I have to admit, every rave this product receives is well deserved. If this product fails miserably as a concealer, it wins triumphantly as a brightener and highlighter. As I was desperately trying to make this super-expensive-allegedly-magical pen to work on me, I tried applying it on top of my under eye concealer. GUESS WHAT? It worked! I really think that it gave my the heavy baggage my under eyes carry a push! I also applied it on top of my cheek bones, around the shadows of my mouth, my brow bone, nose bridge, and it really did brighten the said areas. I swear, it’s like instant coffee right out of a golden pen to make you like awake and radiant!



    Since the product has a light consistency, it may tend to wear off after 5-6 hours considering that I don’t sweat easily.

    Tips and Recommendations

    I love love this beautiful golden and wand and it’s highlighting properties. I do recommend it to those who have the money to spare. It’s a great product but not really a must have (pls don’t kill me). I feel like I can still create the same effect of this product using different makeup products for less the price. Therefore personally, it has not reached holy grail status. I’m going to enjoy every last bit of this product while it lasts but I do not think I’m going to repurchase it any time soon. This is because I don’t think it’s worth the price the second time around. A single pen of this can already get me a super nice liquid foundation. I think that the price this pen is worth it just for experience. Do you get what I’m trying to say? :)

    If you do purchase it, here are some ways you can use it: on your cheek bones, around the shadows of your mouth, brow bone, nose bridge, shadows around your nose, etc. Carefully dab small amounts on the said areas and dab your ring finger gently onto your skin to blend everything flawlessly.



    what do you guys think?? :) let me know in your comments below! What is your perfect under eye concealer and brightener? :)