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    Black Beauty Goodies Review

    Goodies from Black Beauty Philippines!

    Hi everyone!

    I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Anyway I’m not going to give you any more excuses regarding my absence in my blog so I’m just going to jump right into my post! :)

    Around two months ago, Daryl Chan from Black Beauty Philippines sent some of their products over for me to try out! I honestly haven’t heard of the brand until I received the package and I can’t believe I just found out about them now! The reason why I’m only talking about these products now is because I wanted to be able to fully try them out to give you guys an honest review. :)


    I used all the shampoos but I feel like the ones that need to have special mentions are the Gold Shampoo and the Crystal Conditioner.

    I really like the smell of thse shampoos on my hair! Among all the shampoos, I like the gold shampoo the most because of the scent! In fact, when I was drying my hair in front of the electric fan, my mom got a whiff of the scent and told me my hair smelled really good. :) Aside from the scent, the shampoo alone actually makes my hair feel really soft already.

    I also like the silk conditioner because it really softens my hair when I use it!The conditioner doesn’t feel greasy at all! Those who are very particular with scents might have an issue with the scent of this conditioner because it might be too overwhelming. Lucky for me, I don’t easily get bothered by scents! :)

    As for the shine serums, I apply them after I flat iron my hair. I use one pump worth of product and comb it through my hair using my hands. They do make my hair look shinier and it doesn’t hurt that they smell really good! Aside from all the things that I have said, these products are 100% Filipino made. ;)


    One minor issue I have with these products is the packaging. I feel like the products themselves do not match the packaging. Yes, the products are THAT good! Also, I wish the labels explained more. for example, what exactly does the “gold” shampoo do? Is it for long hair? Is it for wavy hair? I just find the labels quite confusing. :)

    Final Thoughs and Recommendations

    • i will repurchase this again
    • best for those looking for affordable and high quality hair products
    • best for those who want hair products with scents that last


    These are available in Mercury Drugstores and SM hypermarket Supermarkets. :)


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    Thanks for reading!! xx

    PS: Watch out for my review on their Hot oil! ;)


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