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Hi everyone!

Today, we were tasked to do the makeup of mature or aging women and  I was able to do the makeup of my mom and my grandmother. I just want to share some of the photos I took today. :) It was such an exciting experience because my mom and grandma always let me do their makeup and I finally had a chance to let my worked be judged and improved by my teacher, Ms. G or Ms. Georgina. :)

First, I want to talk about my mother  dearest. I have to admit that I’ve always been a daddy’s girl but as time passed, I have grown closer to my mom. She reads my blog so I won’t make this too dramatic. I just want to let her know that I really look up to her and she has been an amazing role model to me. She has taught me to be strong, independent, and wise about the decisions I make in my life. She has always been there to support me and push me to do the things that I love. I wouldn’t have grown to be what I am today without her. :)

My guama has to be one of the coolest granny’s ever. She’s very liberal. Sometimes, I think she’s more liberal than my mom. hahaha! She gives me and my mom countless of beauty tips which is why she looks so young! I actually feel like I fell in love with makeup because of her makeup colelction. I used to go to her room and stare at her makeup and play with her eyelash curler. hehe. The place where she does her makeup is super well lighted and is surrounded y mirrors! It used to be cosmetic heaven to me. <3

I taught my grandma to do the head tilt. HAHAHA

she volunteered to pose with the background! hehe such a cute granny. <3

I used a lot of neutral colors for their looks. I also made sure that their faces were moisturized very well (to make the foundation apply nicely) and I didn’t use a ton of shimmery eyeshadow because shimmery eyeshadows do not look very flattering on aging women. :) Tell me what you think in your comments below! <3




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