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    Etude House Mini Haul

    DSCF4051 (1)

    Etude House is one of the Korean brands that I like to dabble in once in a while. To be honest, I always get so lost in the gazillion products that Korean brands offer. It also doesn’t help that they aren’t reviewed as much online. Most of the time, i buy products based on research but when it comes to Asian cosmetics, I tend to just go with my gut and buy whatever that catches my attention in the store. Two items that caught my eye during my most recent trip to Etude House were the Tear Drop Liner #2 and the Color in Liquid Lips BE102.

    DSCF4051 (1)

    Tear Drop Liner #2 The tear drop trend is one of the beauty trends that is uniquely Asian. The Western side of the world has a counter part to this trend by highlighting the inner corner of the eyes using shimmery eyeshadows or eyeliners. But only Asian cosmetics have created a liquid liner specifically to emphasize the inner tear duct of the eye. Cool, eh? The product is housed in regular eyeliner container and contains a clear base with multicolored micro shimmer. The consistency is slightly thick and semi-sticky.

    DSCF4102 (1)

    I was actually looking to find a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Liners for a shimmery pop of glitter to line the lids. It swatched fine so I decided to give it a try. However, upon trying it again at home, I found that the product isn’t ideal for my intended purpose. It doesn’t show up very much on the lid, and takes some time to dry up which results into smudging my eye makeup. But it does its job well as an inner tear duct highlighter. It definitely gives my eyes an instant pop of glitter. I just wish it has more staying power. But it’s a nice product to have for special occasions.

    DSCF4075 (1)

    Color in Liquid Lips BE102

    Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and I knew that I had to try Etude House’s version. The line features 20 gorgeous and highly pigmented shades.  The packaging is adorable and is very trendy as well. It showcases the shade of each lipstick which will make it easy to find in my pool of lipsticks. I also like how it’s made the illusional-floating-lipstick design that we’ve seen in other brands its own.

    DSCF4100 (1)

    The first thing I noticed as I applied the product is its scent. It smells like cotton candy jelly beans! I seriously want to just keep on smelling it. Next up is its formulation. The product is a thin liquid lipstick and is super pigmented at the same time. The applicator is also designed beautifully because it applies the product onto my lips in a precise manner. When applied, the product feels like a fine liquid lipstick but dries out and settles into the lips after a few minutes. Once it settles, it feels like a regular moisturizing lipstick, which means that it doesn’t dry out completely into a matte lipstick. The  shade I picked is a warm rosy pink which fits my everyday-lipstick-shade obsession. The staying power is average but is undrstandable considering that it’s not a matte lipstick.

    DSCF4080 (1)

    Overall, I’m really impressed with this lipstick. It’s a good alternative to many high end liquid lipsticks and the huge selection of shades ensure that there’s something for everyone in this liquid lipstick line.

    Final Thoughts

    Like always, I enjoyed trying out new products from Etude House. The princess theme is so M E and they always churn out a huge variety of makeup, skincare, hair care, and more. It’s impossible to go in an Etude House boutique and leave without buying anything. Of the two products, I highly recommend the Color in Liquid Lips! It’s such a good product and is quite affordable too. You can’t lose with a product like this.

    DSCF0649 (1)

    What are your latest finds from Etude House? Do let me know!


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    Review: Etude House Color My Brows in 1 and 2


    I recently had a friend of mine who asked me for advice on what brow product she could use to match her light brown hair color. Her hair color is very similar to mine which is why it was kind of easy to answer her question. Her question got me to thinking that I never got to put up a review on my current go-to product for tinting my brows. I’ve been using this product for months now and I think it’s perfect for those who have lightly colored hair like me.

    forgive my Etude house Color My Brows shade in number 2. As I said, I’ve been using it almost every day for months now and the logo it initially had has already faded away.

    When I took my certificate course at MUD, I decided to purchase another shade so as to cater to the brown haired girl who will be on my makeup chair. :) So now I have the product in shades 1 and 2. 1 is the shade on the left and 2 is the shade on the right.


    From the name Color My Brows, the product is an eyebrow tint that has a gel to cream-like consistency. Shade number one is light chocolate brown shade while shade number two is a light brown shade with a touch of semi-orange hues. Both shades have really tiny flecks of shimmer in them. and  The product is quite small and is about the length of my palm. It has diamond shaped applicator made of natural bristles.

    What I Love:

    • Since it is common for women to have brown or dark hair, I use the shade 1 as an eyebrow gel to keep eyebrows in place.
    • Shade number 2 is perfect for my hair color because it matches my light hair color superbly.
    • The small size of the brush is perfect for those who have thin and barely there eyebrows like me. i think it’s better to have small brushes then big ones because girls with fuller brows can benefit small brushes as well. Girl with thin brows however may have a hard time using big brush applicators.
    • I like that they packaged the brow tints in a way that it is easy for people to identify the color of the brow tint. The shades of the brow tints match their packaging.
    • I’ve been using this almost everyday for roughly six months now and I still haven’t run out of the product.
    • It’s quite affordable at around PHP360.
    What I don’t like:
    • It’s sole purpose for me is to tint my brows. It doesn’t really fill in brows which is why I use my Face Shop retractable pencil to fill in my brows.
    • It doesn’t last all day on me. When I apply it in the morning, I find that it fades after around 11 hours of wearing time. I don;
    • I don’t mind reapplying though! :)

    When Worn:

    me wearing the shade 2

     Final Thoughts

    I think this is a cheap alternative to the high-end brow tints. It’s cheap AND effective. I recommend this to those who need brow tints to match their hair color to their eyebrows because hair and eyebrows that don’t match are a no-no! :) Just kidding. Well I just personally find it more pleasing to the eyes when a person’s hair and brow color match.

    What other tints do you recommend? :) Let me know!! :)



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    Review: Etude House Easy Brow Pencil


    My recent hair color change meant that I also had to find a new brow color to match my new hair color. I really get bothered when I see girls who have colored hair but have black brows. I find myself mentally “coloring” their brows to match their head color. haha! It’s not something that I hate but it just really bothers me. Anyway, the rule of thumb for finding the right brow shade is to choose a brow color that matches your head color. That or if you have dark hair, you can go 1-2 shades darker and for those who have light hair (e.g: blonde, etc), you should go 1-2 shades darker than your hair color.

    I’ve been hearing rave reviews on Etude House’s brow products! I finally went to the SM department store to check out their brow products however, their best selling eyebrow pencil was out of stock. Instead, I got the Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in Brown #2. 


    In the past, I have been using my Sonia Kashuk brow palette and recently, I started using an eyebrow pencil from Ever Bilena. This is my first brow pencil from Etude House and I really like it! The casing is very unique. I don’t really know how to explain it but when you take the short “cap” off, it reveals the spooly brush. You then have to pull the long part of the product to reveal the actual pencil. I know it osunds complicated as you read it but it’s incredibly easy to use! :)

    What I love:

    • product is very cheap at PHP129 a piece.
    • not scratchy at all
    • blends well with my eyebrows
    • easy to use and bring around
    • comes with a useful spooly brush to blend the eyebrows

    What I don’t like:

    • you have to sharpen it
    • limited shade selection because the other shades were out of stock

    Overall Tips and Recommendations

    I really like this brow pencil. It’s affordable and it matches my head color. I’ve been thinking of purchasing the more popular and high end brow products but this actually works well for me. As a beauty blogger, I’ll have to try the other brow products sooner or later but I would recommend this for girls on a budget. Remember to find a shade that matches your hair color! ;)

                   Me wearing the Etude House Easy Brow Pencil on my eye brows.


    Available in Etude House stores and kiosks nationwide.


    Do you have this brow pencil? What products do you love from Etude House? :)


    Thanks for reading everyone! 


    All my love,


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