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    MAC Glamour Daze Collection Review: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish


    Upon seeing swatches and reviews online, the first product that I really wanted to purchase from the MAC Glamour Daze collection is the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt. It’s a re-promoted item from one of the previous MAC collections. The fact that it’s being re-promoted means that it really is a good product. When I swatched it in the store, the swatches made me fall in love with the product even more! I had a limited budget so I had two choices: buy individual products from the collection or buy a set. I couldn’t afford buying the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish along with a set. I wanted the Extra Dimension Skinfinish more than I wanted the set so I decided to purchase individual products from the collection.

    There were two extra dimension finishes: Super and Whisper of Gilt. I got Whisper of Gilt because the MAC makeup artist suggested that Whisper of Gilt suited my skin tone more than Superb. Accroding to her, Superb is more suited of morenas or tan skinned women.

    What I Love:

    • the swirly design’s GORGEOUS! it doesn’t last very long though because it started fading away after a couple of times of using it
    • the color of the product is a beautiful champagne gold shade
    • it has just the right amount of shimmer (not too shimmery)
    • a little goes a long way with this product
    • it serves it’s purpose as a highlighter very well
    • it can be used as an eye shadow (all over the lid)
    What I don’t like
    • this comes in a limited edition packaging and I don’t like the material of the packaging because it accumulates fingerprints easily
    • it’s quite expensive at PHP1750 a pop!
    • none much!
    Tips and Recommendations
    • use an angled brush or stipling brush to apply
    • swipe on top of your cheek bones; used you pupil as a marker and swipe from below your pupil (you don’t want your ENTIRE face to shine. ;) The key to highlighting is to highlight the areas on your face where the light hits)
    • you may use this as a highlighter on your brow bone and cupid’s bow as well
    • remember: a little goes a long way!
    I’ve been using this almost everyday and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I recommend this to those who are looking for a nice highlighter. Although this is a new holy grail product of mine, highlighters in general aren’t really part of the basic makeup must-haves. Highlighters serve like a cherry on top of a cake. You don’t really need it, but it’s definitely something nice to have! :) Makeup enthusiasts and normal girls alike will definitely love this product!



    When blended out.. GORGEOUS SHADE!!!!


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    MAC Holiday Collection 2012: Glamour Daze Haul and First Impressions


    Hello everyone!

    I’m back! I’ve been incredibly busy juggling school, extra-curricular activities, and of course my two business ventures: New York Minute Paninis (located at Mezza Norte in UP Technohub) and Curated Manila. I’ve been wanting to post but time just haven’t permitted me to do so. :( Anyhoo, last week I was able to do a mini haul on MAC’s Holiday Collection for 2012 called Glamour Daze. 

    I wasn’t able to attend the launch of the collection but I called up my friend Kate from MAC Cosmetics Trinoma and she told me that my best bet to buy products at was the MAC Rockwell Branch. Before I buy anything, I always make sure I do my research online. I consult my favorite makeup blogs so that I have an idea on what the star products are. I arrived at the MAC store with an idea of what items I wanted to buy. From there, I swatched items, talked to the friendly makeup artists, checked my budget, and finally purchased three items. I bought the following: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of gilt, MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Outrageously Fun, and lastly, Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Round Mindnight.

    Based on the makeup blogs, I decided to get the MAC extra dimension skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt right away. It’s a repromote from a previous MAC Collection and even the MAC makeup artists told me that the product’s a must-buy! I love lipsticks! If you have been following my blog, I’ve been purchasing lipsticks from the past collections this year. My love for lipsticks pushed me to get the MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Outrageously fun. Lastly, I picked up an eyeshadow because the extra dimension eyeshadows from this line swatched like BUTTER! I ended up getting Round Midnight because of its gorgeous color.

    Esteemed makeup bloggers always encourage people to buy sets from the MAC holiday collections because this is usually when MAC release the best bang-for-your-buck sets. However, I decided to get individual products versus purchasing any sets because when I calculated the prices of the items in the sets, I realized that the cost of them items int he sets is similar to the cost of individual products. The only difference between the sets and individual products is the packaging that the sets come in. The packaging did not matter as much to me and I wanted to have full control of all the items I bought which is why I decided to buy individual items form the collection.

    If I were to recommend ONE product for you to buy, it would be the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt. Based on my first impressions, I’m really happy with all the stuff that I purchased. Reviews of the individual products are to follow!


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    What I’m Currently Loving


    Hello my dear readers!

    Here’s a list of beauty products, trends, and random stuff that I’m currently loving this month!

    1. Cetaphil Face Wash

    I’ve been using my Shisheido facial wash until got curious and purchased this! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it and I wanted to try it out for myself. I think it’s a really nice facial wash especially for those with sensitive skin because it’s unscented and it does feel mild on my skin! I use day in the morning and at night. :)

     2. Lancome Bifacil Makeup Remover

    I’ve always loved this because it takes off even the most stubborn of mascaras! I use my Nivea Makeup wipes on a daily basis while I use this when my face is fully made up.  I previously reviewed this is my tumblr blog. I might transfer my previews posts when I’m not so busy!

    3. Shu Ueura Concealer

    In the past, I have been using my Skin Food salmon concealer. When I ran out, I went back to using this Shu Uemura concealer. I’ve forgotten how nice it is! I love concealers in general and during days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, I just conceal my eyebags, do my brows, and apply lip balm! :)

    4. Black Beauty Fix!

    I always apply this after I flat iron my hair! I love how I only need to use a REALLLYYY small amount of product to make my hair look shiny! TIP: Do not apply this from the roots of your hair to keep your hair feeling light. Pump the bottle once and spread the product on your palms. Start at the middle portion of your hair strands and comb through them.

    5. Insect Repellant Band

    I’m super paranoid about getting dengue! My dad got this cute insect repellant band for me and forces me to wear it everyday. I asked him to get the other colors for me so that I can match it with my outfits. ha ha ha. I wear it almost everyday on my own will just because I don’t ever want to experience getting dengue!

    6. RED album

    I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!! :) Among my faves from the album are: Stay Stay Stay, Holy Ground, Red, I Almost Do, and I Knew You  Were Trouble. Hahaha! I like almost all of the songs I had to stop enumerating! It’s such a nice album I’ve been listening the the album non-stop. :)


    MY ultimate fave song of the album of the moment is Everything Has ChangedMy friend Kally to listen to it and couldn’t stop listening to it ever since. :) heehee.


    I’ve been craving for anything that’s salted caramel! Salted caramel cupcakes, macarons and ice cream! AAAAHHH LOVE LOVE LOVE. I used to love anything red velvet but salted caramel is quickly catching up with my red velvet obsession. <3

     8. BAZAARS!!!!

    I JUST LOOOOOOVE BAZAARS! I love bazaars because most of the items in bazaars and Filipino made! I recently went to the Global Pinoy Bazaar in the Rockwell tent and I was so impressed with all the Filipino brands! A lot of items are not only cheap but are also of superb quality. Would you believe that I spent less than PHP2500 for all the items in the photo above?! I especially love the corset because of the super pretty back!! I didn’t take a photo of the back just in case I take an outfit photo wearing it in the near future. ;) I think we should shop at bazaars more and patronize our own products!

    What have you guys been loving? :)