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Review: Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Tourbillon


This post is very special to me because it’s the first time I’ll ever be reviewing ANY cosmetics from the iconic French brand, Chanel. It’s even more special because my first ever “JC” was given to me as one of my birthday presents by my very own J.C. aka Joshua Cordoves (wahaha geddit? ok. I’ll stop embarrassing myself now). But truly this was one of the items that made my heart flutter as I opened the beautiful box filed with items the boyfriend carefully curated. It’s because this was the only item he bought without knowing whether I liked it or not and he bought it because the nice lady at the Chanel makeup counter suggested it. THANK YOU, nice-fabulously-Chanel-lady! <3 Josh was of course, relieved to know that this was the only Chanel Joues Contraste blush that I was eyeing.



I have forever been lusting over these gorgeous Chanel compacts from pictures all over the internet like a 4-year old eyeing her dad’s secret stash of chocolate bars. Now that I finally FINALLY have my very on JC, I was utterly shocked at how light and flimsy the compact is. The plastic material that makes of the compact can definitely be improved. I’m very clumsy and something just tells me that I have to be extra careful not to drop this. I do appreciate, however, the large mirror it has inside the compact. The small brush it comes with is awful especially since this particular product is quite pigmented but I guess they can’t really do anything about it and it’s really for emergency use.



Rose Tourbillon is one of my brightest blushes to date. It’s a bubblegum pink shade and is infused with tiny silver and pink glitters. I know, the blush is starting to sound like an exploded silver and pink disco ball but surprisingly, it comes across my cheeks very naturally. The shade is a true pink and doesn’t have a typical brownish-rose tone at all. When blended out onto the skin, the glitter seems to disappear  almost completely but still leaves a few specs of glitter which I do not mind. It’s very finely milled but a wee bit more powdery than some of my blushes.


1-2 swipes is enough for it to show up on my cheeks and leaves a beautiful satin finish. I love how it makes me look like I’m glowing from within! It’s definitely very easy to wear. I can definitely see myself wearing this while I do my daily errands, to school, and even on a date where I wanna look fresh and glowy!



This lasts around 4-5 hours on me and it doesn’t oxidize on my skin which is absolutely perff.

The Only Catch

I find this blush a bit too expensive even considering that it’s a designer brand. It only has about 4g worth of product. A typical blush can contain from 6-8.5 grams worth of product (MAC, Benefit, The Balm). When I look at the technical side of the product, it just surprised me how its price point is really high while its product content is very low. Since this costs around P2350, I would expect a bit more in terms of packaging and content.


Final Thoughts

Although I’m really loving this blush, I don’t see myself buying another compact any time soon because 1) I rarely hit pan on my blushes. 2) It’s really expensive for me and I think it’s a luxury for me to own. I also like that I have one compact for now because it makes me value it even more.

Overall, I’m still super satisfied with the quality of the blush and with the effect it leaves on me. I really love it and I’m so happy to be a proud owner of a Chanel JC. However, I barely find any HG-level blushes and this isn’t one of them so I wouldn’t push this product for anyone to buy. If you have the means to buy it, I say go for it because it’s a nice product to have and Chanel offers a lot more shades to choose from. But for those who think that P2350 for a blush would be a huge dent to their wallets, they shouldn’t feel so bad for not being able to purchase one.




Do you own any JCs? Let me know your thought below! :)



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  • Reply Juvy

    Ang ganda!!! (mo talaga! :;)) The blush is perfect but expensive, but the color is super nice! How I wish to own one in the future! :-)

    09/09/2014 at 10:53 PM
  • Reply Anna

    I wish you updated more! I love your blog, make-up collection post please!

    10/28/2014 at 7:45 AM
  • Reply Matromao

    Pretty! My go-to blush is actually a pink like this. It reminds me of something I have from Clinique that also features silver shimmer, but not obvious at all on the cheeks. This one is a bit warmer, though… I would be so paranoid with the packaging. Didn’t know it would be flimsy. :))

    03/18/2015 at 6:05 PM
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