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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

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Josh and I haven’t gotten over our ramen craze so I suggested that we have ramen AGAIN on one of our date nights! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen andI naturally wanted to give it a try.

It’s located at the 5th floor of Shangrila’s newly renovated east wing. I heard that the line during dinner time could get really long. Luckily, we arrived past dinner time on a week day so we were seated right a way. The place has quirky wooden interiors and red chairs to accent the whole look of the place. It was a tad but warm inside the restaurant bit the heat didn’t bother me too much.

Here’s what we ordered:

I ordered the Black Garlic Tonkotsu just because I love garlic! The soup is not black all the way throught the bowl. The black part is only on the surface of the soup and that’s supposed to be the garlic flavor. The noodles were just right and my soup was very flavorful. The chasu had just the right amount fo fat too! :)

Black Garlic Tonkotsu

Josh ordered their Ajitama Tonkotsu, the number best seller of the restaurant. I have to say that the star of the dish was the perfectly boiled japanese egg. It tastes AMAZING when eaten with the miso soup. I actually prefer this bowl of ramen a bit more than my black garlic tonkotsu. :)

Ajitama Tonkotsu

Our ramen meals would NEVER be complete without our gyoza. ;) We are both gyoza fanatics which I think is fabulous! Their gyoza was pan fried to perfection and the flavor of the filling was heavenly. :)


Final thoughts

I enjoyed my overall experience of the restaurant and a huge part of the credit should be given to their staff. Their service was impeccable and the waitresses were very friendly. Since I’m not really a food blogger and am not trying to make a living out of food blogging, I’d say that flavor-wise, I would have to hand it over to Ukkokei Ramen Ron (josh and I are currently LOVING ukkokei) for having really flavorful ramen. However, I think Ikkoryu Fukuoka makes up for it with the whole dining experience. their excellent food and service go hand in hand in making the restaurant worth visiting! :)

Happy Joshie goofing around with my ring after eating the yummy ramen.  He was so hungry and so excited to touch the food but I didn’t let him until I finished taking photos. HAHAHA. k.



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