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Etude House Mini Haul

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Etude House is one of the Korean brands that I like to dabble in once in a while. To be honest, I always get so lost in the gazillion products that Korean brands offer. It also doesn’t help that they aren’t reviewed as much online. Most of the time, i buy products based on research but when it comes to Asian cosmetics, I tend to just go with my gut and buy whatever that catches my attention in the store. Two items that caught my eye during my most recent trip to Etude House were the Tear Drop Liner #2 and the Color in Liquid Lips BE102.

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Tear Drop Liner #2 The tear drop trend is one of the beauty trends that is uniquely Asian. The Western side of the world has a counter part to this trend by highlighting the inner corner of the eyes using shimmery eyeshadows or eyeliners. But only Asian cosmetics have created a liquid liner specifically to emphasize the inner tear duct of the eye. Cool, eh? The product is housed in regular eyeliner container and contains a clear base with multicolored micro shimmer. The consistency is slightly thick and semi-sticky.

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I was actually looking to find a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Liners for a shimmery pop of glitter to line the lids. It swatched fine so I decided to give it a try. However, upon trying it again at home, I found that the product isn’t ideal for my intended purpose. It doesn’t show up very much on the lid, and takes some time to dry up which results into smudging my eye makeup. But it does its job well as an inner tear duct highlighter. It definitely gives my eyes an instant pop of glitter. I just wish it has more staying power. But it’s a nice product to have for special occasions.

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Color in Liquid Lips BE102

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and I knew that I had to try Etude House’s version. The line features 20 gorgeous and highly pigmented shades.  The packaging is adorable and is very trendy as well. It showcases the shade of each lipstick which will make it easy to find in my pool of lipsticks. I also like how it’s made the illusional-floating-lipstick design that we’ve seen in other brands its own.

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The first thing I noticed as I applied the product is its scent. It smells like cotton candy jelly beans! I seriously want to just keep on smelling it. Next up is its formulation. The product is a thin liquid lipstick and is super pigmented at the same time. The applicator is also designed beautifully because it applies the product onto my lips in a precise manner. When applied, the product feels like a fine liquid lipstick but dries out and settles into the lips after a few minutes. Once it settles, it feels like a regular moisturizing lipstick, which means that it doesn’t dry out completely into a matte lipstick. The  shade I picked is a warm rosy pink which fits my everyday-lipstick-shade obsession. The staying power is average but is undrstandable considering that it’s not a matte lipstick.

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Overall, I’m really impressed with this lipstick. It’s a good alternative to many high end liquid lipsticks and the huge selection of shades ensure that there’s something for everyone in this liquid lipstick line.

Final Thoughts

Like always, I enjoyed trying out new products from Etude House. The princess theme is so M E and they always churn out a huge variety of makeup, skincare, hair care, and more. It’s impossible to go in an Etude House boutique and leave without buying anything. Of the two products, I highly recommend the Color in Liquid Lips! It’s such a good product and is quite affordable too. You can’t lose with a product like this.

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What are your latest finds from Etude House? Do let me know!


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