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    Tales of a Hungry Maxie: Vieux Chalet


    Like I said, Josh had to postpone his anniversary dinner surprise to the day after our anniversary because I had to man my panini stall at Mercato Central. We opted for a fun and simple lunch at The Girl + Bull  on the day of our actual anniversary. For Josh’s anniversary dinner surprise, he brought me to Vieux Chalet which is dubbed as one of Antipolo’s best kept secrets. Josh and I tend to lean toward restaurant choices that require long drives because it allows us to bond over the road vs fine dining restaurant in the city.


    Vieux Chalet is a Swiss restaurant located in Antipolo. It is  a house converted into a restaurant and it also operates as a bed and breakfast. The restaurant itself has big windows to showcase the magical view of the Manila Skyline and is adorned with charming pieces of furniture. The place was very homey which went perfectly with the weather and the the view to create a blissful vibe for its guests.




    Josh purposely picked me up early because he wanted to catch the sunset at Vieux Chalet. We arrived around 5:30 and the head waiter warmly welcomed us. While waiting for the sunset, we took the liberty to explore the place and take photos! :)



     We ordered a salad and two orders of their home made iced tea as we watched the sunset. We had a cozy spot by the window and everything was perfect.

    Mango Shrimp Cocktail – 285


    This salad is good for two persons. It has a light mango vinaigrette, fresh mango cubes, olives, regular tomato slices, cherry tomatoes, and a few pieces of fresh shrimp. Josh and I loved the salad.



    Homemade Iced Tea


    There were three kinfs of iced tea to choose from but the ther two were out of stock so we had to settle for the original iced tea. I’m so glad we did because OH MY GOSH this has got to be the best iced tea I’ve ever had. It doesn’t taste like a generic powdered iced tea at all and it was so so so refreshing. <3


    josh and I making goofy faces with our iced tea because it was SO good talaga.


    j’adore <3

    After watching the sunrise, we finally ordered for our dinner. We had soup, a pasta dish for me, and osso buco for J.

    Italian Farmer’s Soup


    This has got to be the first time I’ve had a potato + pumpkin soup. It was sumptuous and perfect for the breezy antipolo weather. The chips and bacon complimented the soup well. I especially loved the texture of the potato chips soaked in thick and cream soup. It was fabulous.

    Pasta Padilla – 275


    I’m such a pasta lover and I just HAD to order pasta. This originally comes in white sauce but I asked them to add some tomato sauce because I was scared that the white sauce might be too heavy for me. The dish is made with homemade fettuccine, homemade smoked ham, homemade ricotta cheese, and mushrooms. This was probably the dish that did not impress me the most. I can’t pin point what I did not like about it but the effort to have all the ingredients freshly made was nice.

    Osso Buco – 955


    THE STAR OF THE NIGHT. This was Josh’s order and I swear this dish was glorious. The osso buco was cooked PERFECTLY. The fresh tomato sauce was also delicious. I loved the pairing of the lamb and the rosti. I would have ordered another piece of the rosti but I was already so full with everything that we ordered. This is a MUST-TRY! 


    beautiful set-up :)

    Swiss Chocolate Ala Mode – 245 (compliments of the restaurant <3)

    The head waiter was so sweet to give us this complimentary cake because he knew that it was our anniversary! The cake can be more moist but I loved the butternut ice cream on top of the cake. It was an interesting flavor because I haven’t tried anything like it! I also heard that their ice cream is homemade.


    I seriously think Vieux Chalet offers one of the best views of the Manila Skyline. It’s one of the things that I think make the restaurant so unique.

    Overall Thoughts


    I really enjoyed my dinner at Vieux Chalet. They offer amazing food, have excellent service, and offer one of the most unique dining experiences in Manila. Everything that we ordered was a hit except for the pasta (Josh like it though… I’m very critical about pasta dishes hehe). I’m so glad that we spent our first anniversary in Vieux Chalet.

    Don’t forget to make a reservation; they had to turn a group down because they were fully booked.


















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    Hey Reader


    Hi guys!

    I haven’t posted a blog entry in the past two months or so. I would like to apologize for that but I’d just like to quickly explain why I stopped blogging for a while. As you all know, I’ve always complained about my photography skills and I have been feeling extra insecure about how I take my blog photos recently. I’m very critical about the blogs I read and one of the things I look for in a blog that I want to read is beautiful photos. Because of this, I’ve become very critical of my blog photos and kind of kept delaying myself when it comes to posting entries.

    My boyfriend, Josh knows how much I used to enjoy blogging and encouraged me to get back into it so here I am! :) To make sure I get to blog more this 2014, I’ve decided to commit myself to “scheduling” my entries. I promise to post 2 makeup related entries, one date night entry (restaurant reviews), and one instagram-update entry eevry week!  This is a huge challenge for me so wish me luck!

    Here’s to a new year, a more confident Maxie, and lots of rambles on beauty, food, and adventures!





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    LOTD: Summer Calling My Name


    Those who have been following my blog know that I recently went to Davao. Today I’ll be posting my one and only outfit post from Davao. We were too busy going around the place to take outfit photos. :( And we were travelling with 2 other families so it was sooo awkward having them watch me pose. The must have been judging me. HA HA. eek!

    Here are the photos! :)

    *I know that it’s not common to see outfit posts in different locations. However, I took photos in two places and I can’t decide which set to post so I’m posting both! This is my blog after all so anything goes. HAHA

    Dress from Forever 21

    these were taken at the Crocodile Farm :)

    What I wore as my arm candy…. I’ve been going crazy over these nicole bracelets that I recieved from The Clink Shop! They have it in so may different colors which are perfect for building up your arm candy! :) For this look, I picked these two gorgeous pastel bracelets to math my dress. :)

    Yes, I preferred to wear flip flops with this outfit because we went island hopping. :) These photos were taken at a Zorv ball park! Scroll down to watch a video of me in the Zorv ball. HAHA

    And… Here’s the video! :) I look awkward, I know! haha I had to tie up my dress to be able to ride the zorv ball so.. yeah. :))

    Inside the Zorv Ball from maxine marcelino on Vimeo.

    My brother insisted on taking the camera into the zorv ball so here’s the result. :D

    PS: I’ll be hosting my giveaway very very soon!!! Watch out for it. ;)


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    Debut Highlights Video


    “Cinderella, It’s not midnight……”


    This will be my last post about my debut! :) It’s a three minute highlights video shot by 11:11 Productions and edited by Miko Ancheta of 11:11 productions. I think they captured the highlights of my special day wonderfully! I have nothing more to say so I’ll just let the video speak for itself. ;)

    The photo on the cover of this post was taken by Kara Chung! :)

    Max @ 18 (Highlights) from Miko Ancheta on Vimeo.

    Max @ 18 (Highlights)

    © 11:11 Productions

    Videography by Miko Ancheta, Lyka Gonzalez, Klint Saribong
    Edited by Miko Ancheta

    Gown by Amir Sali

    Event styling by Scenta Flora

    Catering by Carlito’s Catering

    Hair, Make-up, and Styling by Pong and Bang Niu Fashion Styling (facebook.com/pongandbangniu)

    Music: Cinderella – Steve Moakler



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    Review: David’s Salon Hair Color Treatment


    David’s has always been my childhood parlor aside from Ricky Reyes. ha ha! My grandma used to bring me there and get my hair cut. As I grew and became more girlyI’ve been going to different salons all over the metro. Forgive me for this but I’ve always had this impression that David’s Salon was a “pang-masa” salon.

    I haven’t been back here ever since I was a kid but I have to say that I was really impressed! My friend Krissy and Ericka treated Kally and me to a treatment of our choice at David’s Salon Greenbelt 1 and I’m really glad that I was able to experience the services of the salon once again!

    My parents HATE my super light hair color so I decided to use this opportunity to darken my hair a bit. I loove my light hair so I couldn’t go back to my old black hair. I went for a compromise and chose something two shades darker. I’m glad that the hair stylist was very knowledgaable and helpful because I initially wanted to get just one shade darker. He advised me to take two shades darker because my hair will eventually turn lighter after 2 weeks meaning that I’ll just be a shade darker after 2 weeks. I went for a shade that had a hint of red. My old hair used to have a hint of blonde. :)

    What I Love:

    • The place looks new and the overall aesthetics of the place doesn’t make it look “pang-masa” at all (so different from what I imagined it looked like based on my past experience).
    • The shampoo section is covered. (if you’ve read my past posts, I value my privacy and privacy usually contributes to the overall comfort of the experience).
    • The stylist is professional and well trained.
    • The service is inclusive of a consultation with the stylist. The stylist was patient in answering my questions.
    • The salon offered a wide array of colors to choose from.
    • The person who applied the color on my hair briefly massaged me while waiting for the color to set in.
    • The outcome was fabulous!!!!! :)
    • The service is affordable at around PHP3500 ish. I forgot the exact cost but my hair is extra long and it only costs around that price. :)


    What I don’t like:

    • nothing much. I can’t recall anything bad to take against them. haha!
    My Before and After Photos:
    This is how light my hair used to be.

    After the procedure.

    I really did not expect the salon to look up to par with the high end salons in the Metro. I didn’t want to visit David’s salon because it is a franchise and there are a lot of branches all over the Philippines. I used to prefer going to one-of-a-kind salons like Indigo Salon, Bench Fix by Alex Carbonell, Emphasis, and the like. These are all one of their kind and chances are each stylist is handpicked and the services should be exceptional compared to franchises. I was really impressed with the David’s Salon Greenbelt 1 branch and now I’m more open to maybe going back there and get my hair colored again. I said maybe because I like trying out new salons and I don’t really stick to just one. :)


    I wanna thank Ericka and Krissy once again for treating me to a lovely dye job! <3


    Thanks for Reading!



      PS: I’m wearing the same outfit as the one from my last post because I had my colored right after I got my brows done. ;)
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    CURATED MANILA: Behind The Scenes


    Hello there!!


    I’m back! Before I left, I had to go stylist mode even if I’m not really a stylist or a fashion blogger! I took up the challenge for my baby, Curated Manila! My other half is no other than DARYL MIKO CHAN, whom I first met when we played badminton! I saw her again in school, our chika powers proved us to be a match made in heaven! <3  We wanted to promote Filipino pride in our own way and decided to design and create bags that are 100% made in the Philippines!


    Anyway, back to my post! :)) The shoot was super last minute and Daryl and I are so happy to be able to get makeup blogger and singer, Ericka Villongco to be our very first model! I was able to get a super talented student photographer, Jonas Tamayo of 11:11 Productions. Ericka and I were able to drag fashion blogger Kally Araneta last minute to co-style as well! The night before the shoot, our photographer told me he wanted to shoot at Ayala Hillside so I stressed my dad out and got him to find someone to let us in! teehee!


    Photog Jonas Tamayo hard at work!

    Curated Manila’s first ever model, Ericka Villongco

    Some of my accessories! I think this speaks for my love for accessories. haha!

    Stylist and peg! I swear I neatly arranged everything before I left my house!

    meet my super supportive dad who accompanied us all day! <3 Love you, dad!

    Ericka’s equally talented and gorgeous sister Krissy helping Ericka pick out bags!

    Group photo!

    With Kally before she left. :)

    My LOTD:

    I just HAD to take advantage of having a photographer around since I ALWAYS struggle taking outfit photos! I know, I look summery. haha I just wanted to feel bright and happy and productive so I tried to incorporate neons into my look. :) Well,  kinda based my outfit on my shoes, which I LALALOVE!


    Top from Nava || pants from HNM || vest from taiwan 

    Spike bracelets from an online shop! I forgot wheree. || gold casio watch from Vintage Casio Watches || orange insect repellant from my dad || belt from Nava

                      Yes, kailangan tiptoe! Shoes from Chili Margarita Shoes.

    Didn’t put on too much makeup because i was on poser stylist mode and I wanted to focus on the shoot! :)

    That’s it for now! Like Curated Manila on facebook!


    Office Makeup Tutorial

    Photo on 2012-10-11 at 00.19

    Hi everyone!

    I know that I’m still in college but as a beauty blogger, I have to try to cater to women of all age groups. This is why I’ve been doing different kinds of tutorials lately!

    For this tutorial, I created a super simple neutral look that you can wear to the office. :) This can also be an everyday makeup look that you can wear to school!


    Office Makeup Tutorial from maxine marcelino on Vimeo.

    check out my website!

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    Here are the list of products that I used:

    Shiseido moisturizer and sunscreen || Benefit hello wow oxygen foundation || shu uemura concealer || Etude House brow pencil || MAC paint pot in painterly || Too Faced natural face palette || Urban Decay Eyeliner in Rockstar || MAC blush in Gentle || MAC lipstick in Hug Me || Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler || Majolica Majorac Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara

    Thanks for watching! For any requests or comments, pls put them in the comments below! ;)

    Love and Lipstick,