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    Geometric Triangles


    It’s been a while since I posted an outfit post! :)

    I’d just like to share an outfit that I wore to a lunch date with the boyfriend HEEHEE. Here’s what I wore:

    I had to wear something a bit conservative because Josh and I attended a church service before our lunch date! :) I picked out this peplum top from HnM and paired it with my super comfortable leggings! I don’t like wearing jeans so much so to me, leggings are the closest thing to actual jeans! For some weird reason, I really enjoy wearing flats! Despite seeing tons of fashion bloggers in heels, I still prefer wearing flats most of the time. Good thing I’m not a fashion blogger! HE HE.

    top from HnM, flats from payless

    HI. *awkward happy maxie pose*

    necklace from one of the stalls in st francis square! :)

    I accessorized my look with this necklace with geometric triangles hence the title. :) I paired it with another geometric looking ring from HnM!

    ring from HnM

    that’s it for now! :)



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    LOTD: Under the Sea


    It’e been a while since I last posted an outfit post! Today I’ll be posting the outfit that i wore to the biggest party in the Ateneo, Shindig: Submerged. I was very busy prior to Shindig so I shopped for my entire outfit on the day of the event itself! I took the theme of the party to heart and this is what I came up with:

    tube corset and skirt from Forever 21

    Shoes from Michael Antonio

    I SUPER LOVE THE DETAIL OF THIS SKIRT! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! <3

    Clutch from Ever New

    I took “submerged” to a whole new level by incorporating different elements of the ocean into my outfit. My corset is made of sequins, My skirt reminds me of scallops, and my clutch looks like a shell! :)

    earrings from forever 21

    MY LOTD:

    Since my entire look was already shining shimmering and splendid, i went for my go-to neutral eye-makeup look and paired it with a nude lip. I only contoured my cheeks; I did not put on blusher anymore. I felt like adding a blusher would over-do my look.

    I really like how this last minute look turned out! :)

    Some photos I grabbed from the party:


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    Cinderella Part 2


    Here is the second part of the photos from my debut taken by Migs Santiago. :)

    The theme for my debut was inspired by a Modern Marie Antoinette! My stylist suggested to place umbrellas in the ceiling instead of the usual lanterns to connect it to Marie Antoinette. My centerpieces were mostly pink flowers with accents of gold ornaments and pearls! I also had an all pink dessert buffet inspired my Marie antoinette’s love for sweets!

    The program for my debut was very short and fast paced!

    I entered with a dance number and then went out to change into my gown so I had to enter two times! I didn’t have the traditional 18 candles and just asked 10 of my closest girl friends to speak for me!

    For the usual 18 roses, I called my 18 roses segment “Dancing with Maxie” and i basically grouped my guy friends into categories and made them dance to all sorts of genres (mostly ballroom)! We danced the waltz, salsa, kpop, cha cha cha, lyrical, and more. :)

    Each boy who took part in my 18 roses segment was part of a video wherein each of them had to answer really unique questions about me! I also had a “Silly thing Max says” video where my guy friends tried to imitate the way I act and speak!

    I also included two games to spice things up and to get my HS and college friends acquainted!

    Daryl my bakla friend

    Le Polar bear on a diet, Biondi Te

    lol my friend Nathan trying to semi carry me!

    My super cute uncle who looks like Jollibee when dancing. :)

    I made sure my dad got to do the most lifts! hahaha!

    Blockmate love!

    This photos deserves a special place in this post because my fab friend Daryl forced Dean to buy a bow tie just because it was part of my dress code! HEHE

    The Ericka and Krissy Villongco with James Reid

    Friends from ADMU! <3

    My brother taking advantage of the fact that he can do almost anything to me on stage. HA HA.

    He has two left feet but he still danced with me. HEHE Love you, Shots!

    Semi-mortified at the “Silly Things Max Says” video that my 18 roses friends prepared for me!

    My two blockmates who tried to dance a super short contemporary dance number with me!

    Ray and Peepoy

    My 2 guy batch mates who I Lalalala looove! I made them dance SALSA with me! :)

    My girlies. <3

    MGC friends!

    My sneaky little brother teases and bickers with me for a living surprised me with THE BEST birthday gift EVER. He upgraded his little brother status to BEST LITTLE BROTHER EVER!!!!! He got me VIP tickets to my ultimate fave KPOP band, BIG BANG. <333333

    My talented media coverage team, 11:11 productions. :)

    HI NEIL!

    My competitice, up-for-anything college friends!


    This is late but I want to thank everyone who took part in making my special day memorable. :)


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    LOTD: Mustard


    It’s been a while since I posted an LOTD! Here’s what  I wore when I went out with my friend Josh when he celebrated his birthday. I didn’t know what I was dressing up for because he refused to tell me we were going! All I knew was that we were having lunch and I was told to wear something “chill” and flats! With the few details that I was given, here’s what I came up with:

    I wore heels for styling purposes only! I really wore flats as instructed. I wore gold flats to match the gold accents in my accessories. I’m glad that I wore flats because Josh ended up dragging me to Tagaytay. I don’t drive and have zero sense of direction which is why I didn’t figure out where we were headed until we reached Tagaytay.  I just realized that I’m an easy kidnap target. HA HA. Teehee.

    I picked out this lovely floral peplum skirt which I found appropriate for lunch and I then built my outfit around it.

    Corset from a bazaar || Peplum skirt from a Bazaar || Shoes from Michael Antonio

    Yes I know I need a manicure.

    Bag from A.L.T Manila || Watch from Michael Kors || Cuff from an online store

    Earrings from Yhansy

    I got this jacket from one of the stalls in the recent Supersale bazaar held at the WTC! I just love love love the color zipper detail on the jacket!

    This was the only photo Josh and I took together! I grabbed it from his instagram account, teehee! Belated Happy Birthday, Josh! :)

    I’m so glad that I brought a blazer with me because it was FREEZING in Tagaytay! As much as I tend to over-think things, I appreciate spontaneity once in a while! I’ve been to Tagaytay countless of times but it will never be the same after my last visit. :)

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    Supersale Bazaar: LOTD + Haul


    My mini bag line Curated Manila had a booth at the Supersale Bazaar which was recently held at the World Trade Center. We were there for 5 days and I basically shopped everyday I was there. I just couldn’t help it!!! One of my major pet peeves when I go shopping in bazaars is not getting to see everything that’s on sale. I’m glad that I was able to take my time to look around the whole bazaar. I feel like I already knew it by heart after 5 days exploring it. ;) ha ha.

    I’ve been thinking about wether or not to post a haul post because I did not want to seem like I’m bragging. However, based on the views from the last haul post, it seems like people like haul posts! So here are the items that I was able to accumulate from the bazaars in 5 days:

     I bought more clothes than makeup because I realized that I’ve been spending too much money on makeup and I’m running out of clothes! 

    My top three purchases:

     This has to be my favorite purchase! It’s a super cute “lock” thing that binds wires. I use it to bind the wires of my gadgets such as my phone charger wire, Ipod connector wire, etc.

    This is my second fave purchase! This pair of heels make my legs look thin plus I got the seller to give me a pretty nice discount. :)

    My third fave purchase! I find this sooo cute and unique! The owner of the booth does on the spot made to order bracelets and necklaces in the same style. They have lots of colors to choose from but I chose this jewel tone color to match the holiday season. :)

    Here are the makeup items that I bought. I LOVE eyeshadow palettes! I’m very excited to review my newest palette from UD which is the limited edition Alice in Wonderland Palette. This was released a  while back and I got so excited when I saw it in the bazaar. <3

    Here’s what I wore to the first day of the Bazaar:

    Top from F21 || shoes from Payless

     shorts from f21

    Bag from Curated Manila

    gold ring from a bazaar, mint ring from F21, watch from Casio

    Did you guys go to the bazaar? What did you haul? :)

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    Happy Halloween!


    Hello everyone!

    I’m sorry, this post is a teeny bit late! Most of you are probably partying the night away as I write this! I just got back from Baguio for a family trip and I was basically under a rock there. ha ha!

    Anyway, this is actually my first time to actually dress up for halloween! I never knew it was such a big deal to people until i met my friends Kally, Krissy and Ericka! It was so much fun getting my costume made! Kally would pick Ericka and Me up to go to Kamuning every morning just to get our costumes made! I went as little red riding hood. hee hee. I wasn’t able to take a decent outfit photo with everyone so I’m grabbing Ericka’s!

    Ericka as wonderwoman, Kally as Alice, Me, Krissy as Little Mermaid and Tori as a fairy!

    Ericka being such a cutie, photobombing my photo! haha

    Ericka did my makeup because I wanted to get someone else to do my makeup for a change! Will try to recreate the look in another post. ;)

    Joe, Fred, Yela, and Me

    Joe goofing around! hehe

    I had so much fun in my first ever halloween party! We started getting ready at 5. I know, crazy right?! I left my red cape in the car. Ha ha. People thought I was a pirate. :( Oh well! I might recreate this look for a makeup tutorial and you might be able to see my COMPLETE costume. hahaha!

    This year is full of many “firsts” for me. :) What or who are you guys going as? oops. Who/what did you guys go as?? :) Tell me in the comment section below! :)

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    MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection


    Hi everyone!

    The MAC Cosmetics store in Moa launched the limited edition Marilyn Monroe Collection collection yesterday and I only found out about the launch when I chanced upon the Marilyn Monroe Collection in Rockwell the other day.The MAC cosmetics store in SM Mall of Asia was the last MAC store in the Philippines to launch the Marilyn Monroe Collection. I was able to read about the launch online but I didn’t know when the Philippine launch was. :)

    I decided to purchase an item which is a MAC limited edition blush called legendary in the MAC Rockwell branch just in case I wasn’t going to make it to the SM Moa launch just because I really wanted to get something form the collection! I was told that I should be at the MOA branch at 11am because people really line up for launches of new collections! I arrived around 12 and was secretly happy because there was no line in sight! Apparently, people went earlier and some products got sold out as early as 11-ish yesterday! I really wanted the limited editon lipstick in Deeply Adored but it was already out of stock when I reached the MAC counter so I reached for the next best shade in my opinion which is called Charmed I’m sure. 

    We weren’t allowed to purchase the items yet and I was told that the actual selling period begins at 2pm, after the mini makeup demo. I was with my brother and dad whom I dragged along to pay for my purchases so they both got annoyed at me because they had til around 3:30 until I actually got to pay! ha ha! The whole process was very organized; we were each given a number and we had to pay according to our number!

    my brother says she looks like Taylor Swift! haha cutie.

    The whole collection is just lovely!!!! The fact that theme of the whole collection is all about one of the most iconic people in history combined with all the items being limited edition pushed me to make an effort to go all the way to SM Moa just to be able to snag some items from the collection. I absolutely love the packaging of the collection! The packaging of the products is shiny and different from the packaging of regular items. :)

    I wish I could buy everything!!!!

    What made me buy the products was really the packaging! The packaging was so unique and pretty!!! AAAAH <333

    The hardship I went through just to be able to purchase my items make me value my limited edition pieces so much more!! :) If you haven’t checked the collection out, you must! If you wanna purchase items, your best bet would be in SM Moa since they’re the last and latest branch that launched the collection. :)

    i LOOOOVE the red kiss marks!! They make me wanna keep the boxes! haha

    That’s all for now! Reviews to follow. ;)

    Love and Lipstick,

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    LOTD: Hot Pink Kisses


    Hello everyone!

    I’m back with another OOTD and LOTD! :)

    Before I start, did you notice the new categories in my navigation bar? ;) I’ve added two new categories: LIFESTYLE and EVENTS! Under Lifestyle is food and travel while under events are my LOTDs. I’ve been contemplating on wether to make my blog a purely makeup blog or not. After much deliberating, I’ve decided to add these new sections to my blog to let you guys get to know me more! I felt like a purely makeup blog would seem too superficial to some therefore I have decided to share two more things that I love: food and travel! Aside from these two new categories, you can expect more random posts about me. Don’t worry! I promise to post positive things and to not bore you with any lovesick stories and the like! I’m not the type to talk about my feelings to the world when I’m sad anyway. :)

    Back to my post! I attended my gorgeous friend, Abi’s birthday last week which was held at Prive. Abi is one of the nicest girls I know! We met during a GA for a project for our org last year and according to her, “it was love at first sight” and I completely agree! We both love to pig out! The only difference between us is that she doesn’t gain weight. haha!

    With the lovely debutante Abi and her Bff Hanna

    With everydates (Juan, Anton, Jake, Kevin, Hidden Earl) and abi!

    I look retarded here but everyone looks so cute!! Abi, Earl, Kevin, Anton and Renson

    What I wore: 

    I know it’s the fall season right now and I should be wearing colors but I’m not a fashion blogger so I don’t feel obligated to follow the color trends! I wanted to wear something fun and girly because I’ve been wearing a lot of body-con dresses lately. The dress IS quite short but I think the color itself with neon accessories downplayed whatever the sexyn-ess the dress had. :)

    I forgot the brand name of the dress but I got it from on of the shops in ShoppesVille. :)

    Bag from Curated Manila, Casio DB360 Watch from Vintage Casio Watches, Neon Belt from Nava

    Shoes from Aldo

    Pearl Earring from Mom

    My favorite part of this dress: the surprise cutout at the back! :) Been loving surprise cutouts on dresses!! :)

    For My Makeup:

    I decided for to go for a neutral smokey eye to match with my hot pink lips. I wanted to kinda match my lips to the hot pink print on my dress and my clutch.

    The debut was right after finals so I wanted to brighten up my eyes by applying a shimmery white shadow along my inner tear ducts.

    Products used:

    Laura Mercier Face Primer || Benefit foundation || Etude house eye brow pencil || Shue Uemura Concealer || INGLOT Palette || Too Faced Natural Eye Palette for highlight shade || Mac Gentle Mineralize Blush || Shu Uemura Lipstick plus MAC Pink Nouveau || Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler || Majolica Majorca Mascara


    Love and Lipstick,

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    *photos in the club were stolen from Abi. :)