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    Healthy Skin Philippines Beauty In Full Bloom


    Have you ever experienced wanting to learn more about caring for your skin but don’t know where to start? Nowadays, technology makes information way too easy to reach and I sometimes get overwhelmed at the burgeoning of information that flow before my eyes. It also doesn’t help that I get so distracted easily when I use my laptop or smartphone. Good thing, some fabulous fairygodskin mothers (God bless your souls) finally thought of creating a magazine that’s dedicated to everything we, Filipinas need to know about skin— Healthy Skin Magazine. 

    DSCF1193yummy food + beauty talk? my kind of fun!

    Healthy Skin Magazine is the FIRST beauty magazine in the Philippines that highlights non-invasive in-clinic and over-the-counter beauty products and trends. Aside from those, it also divulges on the newest trends on healthy, wellness, and skincare.

    I was one of the several lucky beauty bloggers that was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Healthy Skin Magazine last November 20, 2015 at Stacy’s. It was a fun filled full-out girly day where I was able to catch up with fellow beauty bloggers, exchange skin care tips, and learn from several beauty experts such as Dr. Clauda Samonte from Aesthetic Concepts Samonte Clinic and more.

    DSCF1201because cupcakes…

    DSCF1223Tried out products from Skin Perfection, Healthy Skin’s event partner

    DSCF1220with one of the sweetest girls I know, Joana

    The magazine features several interesting sections such as:

    • Notepad – to keep readers in the know about the latest skincare and wellness issues and highlights the latest innovations on cosmetic and medical dermatology. Some topics that caught my eyes in this section were about dealing with chicken skin, the wonders of tea tree oil and more.
    • Renew – presents a real life testimony of a patient’s experience with a certain skincare product, treatment or innovation.
    • Beyond Skin-Deep – shows how overall wellness is also crucial to surface beauty
    •  Doc Talk – industry practitioners answer reader’s skincare concerns
    • Skingredients – helps readers understand the science behind beauty products through featuring different active beauty product ingredients
    • Beauty 101 – features a rundown of commercially-renowned, over-the-counter products
    • Beauty Stops – features dermatology clinics and spas from all over the Metro

    As I enter my 20’s, I know that it’s very important to care for my skin. This is a real concern and not doing so is something I’ll surely regret when I enter my 40’s. Good thing, I have Healthy Skin Magazine to aid me with the right information to make sure I give my skin the TLC it deserves.

    You may grab your very own copy of Healthy Skin’s latest issue for only P120 a pop. Grab a copy now and thank me later.



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    Seize the Moment with Camp Courage PH


    Most of us went through that dreaded awkward teenage phase called puberty. Yes, a select few people from the population were blessed with good genes and were thus able to transition into adulthood smoothly. But for the rest of us, it’s a stage we’d all rather forget. Thankfully, I had my mom to give me the right information and tools to help me go on daily activities without any worries of experiencing any unfortunate “accidents”.

    Times have passed and I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully gone through that wretched time in my life. However, there are still a lot of Filipina teens today who feel helpless and insecure because of the bodily changes they go through. And these insecurities tend to hold them back from seizing opportunities in life.  But, I have good news for today’s modern day Filipina teens! Johnson and Johnson Philippines has launched a campaign to address the needs of Filipina teens called Camp Courage. 

    DSCF3404 With brands such Clean and & Clear, Carefree, and Modess on board the Camp Courage campaign, teenagers will be provided the right tools and information to face their fears, live in the moment and make a move. Camp Courage will go around the Philippines and visit 500 schools nationwide in order to spread the news to about 400,000 Filipina teens.

    They will also be launching a website, http://www.ourcampcourage.ph where teens can interact with each other and share stories and information to help them continue on making shining moments in their life, worry free!

    I personally think that this is a beautiful and empowering campaign. Aside from providing teens with the right tools to overcome their insecurities, Camp Courage will be bringing inspirational speakers to speak to Filipina teenagers nationwide. One of them is Mary Clare Prosperity Pineda, with whom I share the same alma mater. Another one of them is Isabel Maria Flores Garcia of http://www.everydayisa.worpress.com whose advocacy is geared towards teen empowerment. They are just some of the brave, beautiful and talented speakers that will be reaching out to Filipina teens all nationwide. Even if I had my mom to guide me through puberty, I wish I had the opportunity to listen to such inspiring women like them. xoxo,

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    LOTD AND FOTD: Cinderella Blue


    I haven’t posted an LOTD AND FOTD in the longest time! I decided to take some photos of my look from Josh’s Uncle Abot and Auntie Chryssta’s beautiful wedding which was just held last friday at White Space! It was a simple yet magical gathering to witness two people who have dedicated their lives to God renew their vows. The whole event was straight to the point yet meaningful! And omg the food was amazing. <3

    I wasn’t planning on having a dress custom made but when i found out that the attire was formal, I kind of panicked because I don’t have any long gowns in my closet. I contacted the first company I knew that makes custom made gowns: Haute Lifestyle. I’m a huge fan of their RTW items (Apartment 8) which is why I felt like I could trust their more upscale sister company, Haute Lifestyle. Josh (what a cute name for an equally charming girl) was assigned to design my dress. I asked her to design something that was simple yet kind of unique and of course it had to fit my budget of P6000. It also had to be PG-13 HAHA because I really wanted to make a nice impression on Josh’s family. :) She sketched something for me which I immediately loved but I had to stretch my budget a bit higher to P7500. Prior to my second fitting, I’d like to note that it wasn’t very easy to contact the only number they posted on their instagram account. On my second fitting, I was surprised to find that my gown was made out of pure jersey material and no boning at all. I was a bit shocked that it didn’t have the simple structure a gown would have for it’s price. It’s a good thing, my guardian angel Josh (the designer HA, not my boyfriend) was easy to talk to and she talked her boss into reconstructing my gown with boning for FREE! They were able to do everything in exactly a week which is impressive in my opinion. I do feel like I want to make some minor adjustments but the gown was lovely overall. Scroll down for more photos!

    Here are some of my photos:

    I took some makeup and outfit photos but lot of them were taken from my phone. I don’t take amazing pictures which is why I really don’t feel comfortable taking my olympus pen to events (I have a really low self esteem when it comes to taking pictures </3) AND I just don’t feel so comfortable making fashion blogger-y posts in public! :( These will have to do for now until I figure out a way to pose in public and figure out a way to consider the time I need when I take photos. I usually get ready so slowly and Josh ends up waiting for me to finish getting ready. In the end, I run out of time to take outfit photos. :(

    My extremely simple dresses needed some bling so I rushed to Ever New just a day before the wedding and picked this pretty necklace!

    my hair was done by Maui from Blo Rockwell

    yes, I was taking HAIR SELFIES. It wasn’t easy to take these. :))

    I did my own makeup!

    benefit hello flawless foundation, The Face Shop eyebrow pencil, shady lade eye palette from theBalm, Bahama Mama by theBalm for contouring, MAC extra dimension skinfinish for highlighting, IN2IT eyeliner, MAC angel for the lips, and demi lashes from the Face Shop

    I also bought my shoes last minute from So Fab!

    finally, with my prince. :)



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    Makeup Workshop with Avon’s Global Celbrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen


    Finals week is a few days away which means that my professors have been cramming a lot of their final requirements in the few weeks left before finals week. Because of this, I was unable to blog (boo.</3). But now, I have finally risen from the ashes brought about by hell week (ashes because of the fire in hell week..get it? HAHA. I tried) and ready to blog again! :)

    Before I begin talking about my super starstruck moment with Avon’s Global makeup artist Lauren Andersen, I would just like to thank all of you who voted for me to be part of Avon’s Makeup Council of Beauty Bloggers! It is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to try out and talk about their products and I promise to be honest with all my reviews, after all, reviewing products is my passion. I would also like to give a special mention to the boyfriend. HEHE. He’s always been supporting me with all the activities that I pursue. He knew how much this meant to me and did his best to help me ask for people to vote for me. <3

    Being accepted to be part of Avon’s makeup council gave us the privilege to be able to attend Avon’s Global Makeup Artist workshop in Sofitel Manila. Lauren Andersen is Avon’s newest global ambassador and she has been known to have worked with the likes of Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie, and Ginnifer Goodwin. She shared with us about her encounters with the brand even when she was a little girl because her mom was an Avon lady. I think it’s amazing how she’s able to reconnect with her roots by now representing the global brand!

    We were given a wide array of colorful products from Avon’s LATEST collection to play with on makeup our table. Before the workshop, Lauren and Avon’s scientist, Lisa talked about how the whole collection was a product of 2-3 years of extensive research. They made sure of taking consumer input into consideration when they were formulating the entire collection. Because of this, their newest collection features new packaging, 13 new lipstick shades infused with shea butter and SPF, eyeshadow palettes with number to guide users — all of which are color true, meaning that what see you from the tube/pan is what you get. Lastly, they carefully picked shades to be able to highlight different skin tones.

    Lauren worked on a fair skinned woman and a morena to be able to cater to all the skin tones of women in attendance of the event. After, she gamely answered each one of the questions of the audience. I asked her what her go-to daily routine was and she told me that she likes going for a bold lip.

    I wasn’t able to pay attention to the whole workshop because I was so engrossed with all the makeup that I was able to explore! That and because my seat mate, Shari, was such a fun seat mate! I remember coming across her blog and I always remember pretty blogs with equally pretty pictures which is why I embarrassingly asked her, “Are you the misty mom?” when I first met her. HAHAHA. I found out that she used to go to the university that I currently go to which was FAB, and we couldn’t stop chitchatting about anything under the sun–beauty related, of course! :)

    Selfie with Sharie. <3 Because we, beauty bloggers are selfie-taking experts!

    The best part of the event was being able to meet Lauren up close and personal and being able to chat with her for a good 10 minutes! *fan girl moment* I am an aspiring makeup artist and I asked her for recommendations on good beauty schools in the States. She told me that she was self-taught and that really had to work hard in marketing herself to be able to reach the place where she is now. She also gave me a super useful tip. She told me that it might be a good idea to apprentice under a famous makeup artist because she was able to do the same. Hearing her tips has given me new insight on how to be able to pursue the career that I want in life. THANK YOU, AVON PHLIPPINES FOR THIS AMAAZING OPPORTUNITY!!! <3

    I was too starstruck to get my camera out. :))

    I was also able to meet a lot of my fellow makeup council members as we were all introduced as part of Avon’s Makeup Council which was so fun! Again, thank you Avon Philippines for this amazing opportunity!

    I got to bring home a WHOLE LOT OF GOODIES. <3 I have my eye on the lipsticks!!! Watch out for my review coming up soon. ;)

    Before I end, I’d like to share my FOTD:

     This post is getting a bit too long; this is it for now! :) Thank you for reading!! <3




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