On Making the Big Switch


I still remember the days when my phone was on prepaid. My dad’s monthly prepaid “allowance” was was P300. But then, we didn’t have unlimited-text and I was not immune to the daily quote-forwarding phenomenon in grade school and the landi-through-texting practices. Geez, I went by my P300 credit allowance faster than Kim K’s two weddings. So, I had to get crafty. Little did my dad know that my Guakong (mom’s dad) and Koko (dad’s sisterand Di (mom’s sister) had separate prepaid load schemes with me as well! Eventually, my dad realized the inefficiency of a prepaid-run phone and finally decided to let me make the big switch into the world of POSTPAID when I entered college!!! Let me to you: venturing the world of postpaid felt like my debut into the big leagues aka the adult world. Having a postpaid plan didn’t mean unlimited credit though. My dad got me a plan with unli-call and text which I believe cost P999 a month. Anything that exceeded that, I had to pay with my own money.

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5 years later, I’m one year out of college and I’m currently busy working on the opening of my family’s first restaurant. During my free time, I’m a lifestyle blogger. Juggling both of these entails me to constantly be on-the-go attending meeting and events after the other. Being on-the-go has also made me heavily reliant on my mobile phone like a deranged Olivia Pope to her Huck and Quinn. I honestly can’t imagine having to reply to emails, talk to suppliers, and more while on a prepaid plan. Over 5 years of experience having a postpaid line has truly shown me how life is made much more convenient being on postpaid.

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And the good news for new potential post paid users is that you can keep your beloved prepaid mobile number as you make the “big switch” with Globe’s My Starter Plan. For a minimum P300/month, you have a monthly credit of 300 texts to all networks, 300 minutes to Globe and TM, and 200 MB worth of data. For only P500/month, you’ll have unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM, 300 texts to other networks and 200 MB of data. Both plans also provide free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic.


And if you’re like me who’s always bound to spend more than your monthly “quota”, you no longer need to worry about going over your limit because Globe’s My Starter Plan promises a fixed monthly bill. Once you run of of credits, you can easily reload manually.


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