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Maxie likes to eat: Breakfast at Antonio’s


My close friends know me for having two ultimate loves of my life (aside from my family, Josh, and my dog): makeup….. and food! I always get “bullied” by my friends for always posting photos of food on my instagram. I  have this habit of critiquing food as I eat and I sometimes go as far as writing mini reviews along with my food photographs on Instagram! This post shall commemorate my intent to diversify the content of my blog and more importantly, share my lalalalooove for delicious food! :) Thus a new series of blog posts dedicated to food is born and I shall call this section, “maxie likes to eat.”


First up on this foodie post is my experience at Breakfast at Antonio’s in Tagaytay. I have always wanted to try the food at Antonio’s (original fine dining restaurant and sister company of Breakfast at Antonio’s) but the price range of the food there is really off the charts! I still hope to be able to try out the constantly-raved food from Antonio’s but for now, I’ll “settle” with Breakfast at Antonio’s. My dad had a 60k marathon which started in Luneta and ended in Tagaytay. Thinking about having to run that far already makes me tired! I’m so glad that my mom LOVES food like me. I think it’s actually more appropriate to say that I love food like her because I think I really got this food-loving gene from her. Being the food lovers that we were, she invited me and my brother to drive to Tagaytay and pick my dad up at the finish line and eat at Breakfast at Antonio’s to celebrate my dad’s accomplishment.

I really loved the whole look and feel that Breakfast at Antonio’s have. The place is not airconditioned but the Tagayaty breeze really reached every nook and cranny of the place. The place has beautiful white interiors and was illuminated with sunlight. I normally wouldn’t talk about this but even their staff had really nice uniforms which really suited the whole theme of the restaurant.

Anyway, let’s go to the main attraction of this post: the FOOD. Their menu was so extensive, I swear I wanted to order everything! It took a lot of restraint but we were able to narrow down the items we ordered to six items for the four of us.

Fresh Mushroom Soup

1901930_10152224453724520_256780423_n (1)

THIS WAS SO YUMMY!! You can really taste the freshness of the mushrooms and the creaminess of the soup was perfect!

Beef Stroganoff


My close friends all know that I love all sorts of noodles! I know, I was at a breakfast place but I just really had to try one of their pasta dishes. It took all the restraint left in my body to not order the truffle pasta because I ALWAYS order pasta dishes with truffle oil in them. I was so glad that I ordered this! My mom was hesitating and was telling me to order something else because we were at a breakfast place and I’ve been always ordering pasta dishes whenever we went out. Anyway, my mom ended up saying that my dish was the best among all six dishes we tried. HA! :)) Everything about this pasta was just AHH YUM. The pasta was perfectly cooked, the consistency of the sauce was just right and coated the noodles perfectlyl. Lastly, the flavor was divine. It was the perfect mix of cream and whatever it is that stroganoff contains. I hate bell peppers but I think they added complexity to the flavor of the dish.

Homemade Corned Beef


The corned beef was indeed homemade. It came with a small cup of rice and two eggs. I think the amount of rice is just right for normal people but my dad ran for around 8 hour straight so the rice was really not enough. The corned beef was yummy, definitely not the run-of-the-mill corned beef from the can.

Roesti Pastrami


This was just okay. The concept was interesting, though. It’s basically a piece of roesti (shredded potatoes that are formed into a flat circle and deep fried) with pastrami directly on it, and 2 medium cooked sunny-side up eggs to top everything off.  The eggs were perfectly cooked  but the 2 eggs overpowered the whole dish which is why the flavor of the pastrami didn’t really come out.


when sliced 



Good old classic tapa. The beef was tender and flavorful. The eggs were nicely cooked. Overall, a delicious dish but there wasn’t really anything worth remembering about it. (I might be biased though because I really loved my pasta dish!!! <3 )

French Toast Using Turkish Bread with Cinnamon Egg and Apple Compote


This was the only dish that disappointed. The break wasn’t easy to chew and the apple compote didn’t do much to make the dish yummy. It also came with burnt syrup which was interesting but it tasted too weird for my taste. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Mini Salted Caramel Cheesecake


We were already so full which is why we decided to just share this tiny cup of goodness. This was so scrumptious. The cheesecake was so rich and fine, and the thin layer of slated caramel perfectly balanced out off the sweetness of the cheesecake.


This restaurant serves really GOOD FOOD. The servers were very courteous and attentive. Almost all the dishes we ordered did not disappoint. The wide range of dishes to choose from ensures that everyone in your family (from you grandma, grandpa, dad, mom, aunt, uncle to your little sister) will find something they’ll like here. The place is perfect for friends, family, and even a romantic breakfast date with your other half. I declare Breakfast at Antonio’s my favorite breakfast place as of the moment and going back to what I said earlier, I can’t just “settle” on Breakfast at Antonio’s. It’s a really good restaurant on its own and is really worth trying.

How was you experience at Breakfast at Antonio’s? What’s your favorite Tagaytay restaurant? and.. What do you think about my first “maxie likes to eat” post. hihi <3



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