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    Salon Horror Story: Hair Philosophie


    Hi everyone!

    I wasn’t able to post a single entry last week because I went through my hell week (yikes!) And it’s not yet over. Anyway I’ll jump right into my Salon HORROR story.

    A few months ago, I was able to purchase a discount voucher from a very famous and trustworthy groupon site. The voucher entitled me to a full head color and hair cut by a SENIOR STYLIST for only PHP1375 (originall PHP2500) at Hair Philosophie Salon. I am a college student and I’m a total sucker for discount coupons! It was a very good deal and I read good reviews about the salon so I bought myself a coupon.

    I decided to set an appointment on Friday because I wanted to feel pampered after all the stress from school. When I arrived, the interiors were very modern and the whole place had a chic vibe. The salon is located in the Salcedo area in Makati, a posh area in Makati.

    Anyway, before I start with my horror story, I’d like to be fair and share the good points of the salon:


    1. the interior design was fabulous
    2.  the chair was comfortable
    3. clean and new
    4. good magazine selection
    5. service by the assistant was good

    Okay, now I’d like to proceed with my horror story. This might be long but it’s worth it!!

    I gave my coupon to the receptionist and my stylist was made aware of my coupon.

    If I am not mistaken, they have two senior stylists. One is a thin guy with long straight hair and a funky haircut. While the other one is a short and stubby gay person with blonde hair.

    The one who attended to me was the latter. He introduced himself to me but I forgot his name. He asked me if i was using the coupon and I said, “yes.” I asked him, What color are you planning to use on my hair?”. He brought out the color menu and told me that he was mixing two colors. “Ako bahala sayo. I’ll be using this as a base and I will use this to highlight your hair.”  I would like to clarify that he neither ask me if I wanted extra services nor informed me that he was adding an extra service that I had to pay for. I also did not tell him that I wanted extra services.

    We proceeded with the service and after everything (hair color and highlights) was applied, I heard him instruct his assistant to apply hair treatment on my hair. The sealed hair treatment (Kerastase) was right beside me and I recognized the brand and I knew it was not part of the hair coloring procedure. I panicked because he was about to have the treatment applied on my hair without even asking me for my permission so I asked him what it was. He NONCHALANTLY told me that it was for an extra hair treatment. I asked if I had to pay extra for it and he said yes. AND THEN IT CLICKED. I asked him right away if I had to pay extra for the highlights earlier and he said “yes, extra of PHP2700.” I immediately refused the hair treatment. I called up my mom and she instructed me to stay still and wait for them to finish the procedure because they still had control of my hair. They rinsed my hair and blow dried it. I waited for my dad to arrive to pick me up and he was made aware of the situation and basically rescued me from that predator of a stylist!

    In front of the manager:

    my dad asked the stylist: “Did you inform my daughter about the extra treatment?” 

    stylist:no, i assumed she knew…bla bla bla

    dad: why did you not inform her of the extra treatment? why did you not inform her about the extra charge?”

    stylist:because she told me that she goes to different salons and I assumed she knew.

    (**YES! I have been to numerous salons all over the metro and I have NEVER experienced this kind of lowly and unprofessional treatment. )

    dad to the manager: “you heard him. he did not inform my daughter about the extra treatment.”

    manager: “But sir, we always ask our stylist to explain the procedure.” (she was even trying to defend the stylist?  (Yes, it could have been my fault because I did not ask him wether the highlights required me to pay extra cash however, the moment that he was about to apply the treatment on my hair just PROVED that he was totally taking advantage of me and was trying to scam me into paying for extra treatments!)

    dad:your stylist did NOT inform my daughter about the extra payment and therefore we should be required to pay”

    manager:in that case, our stylist will pay for the treatement.”

    dad:okay, let’s go.

    manager:thank you sir.” (WHUT?!?!)

    The stylist was totally dumbfounded and he couldn’t defend himself because he KNEW that he was wrong. He couldn’t say anything else to justify himself so he told the manager with an arrogant tone, “okay, let them go.” He said it in such a way that he wanted to shoo us out of the salon.

    Their manager was very disappointing. She just nodded her head and told us that the stylist will be paying for the treatment. However, my dad and I both were  expressing our concerns and she was not able to do damage control properly. She did not console us and did not assure us that their stylist would be given proper sanctions or whatsoever. 

    I am terribly disappointed with this salon. This salon is located in a posh neighborhood in Makati and their stylist’s behavior was that of an unprofessional and poorly trained individual. I have never ever experienced this kind of poor treatment ever! I was incredibly traumatized by this experience because the stylist clearly knew that I am a young girl and he totally tried to take advantage of me! I just wanted to share it with all of my readers and I want everyone out there to be aware of m experience so that they can avoid this kind of scamming.

    I have been blogging for quite awhile now and I’m not the type of person who will post about things like this just to boost my viewer ratings. People can check through my previous posts and see that I ALWAYS state my honest opinions. Check my previous blog here.

    To end, I would like to thank my hero, my dad for saving me from that bully of a stylist. Unless I hear news about this predator of a stylist getting terminated or getting proper sanctions for his actions, I will obviously not go back to that salon again and I highly discourage people to go there as well.

    Phew, that was very long! Thanks for reading! If you have encountered any similar experiences from this salon, pls do share your comments below! Feel free to share your salon horror stories below as well! :)

    Hair Philosophie is located at 117 tordesillas st. corner bautista st. ground floor finman bldg, salcedo village, makati.

    Read more: http://www.bestiekonisis.com/2012/03/hair-philosophie/#ixzz25Ih3WAO3




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    Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Foundation

    1344834349_DARE TO WEAR_Full Body_MAXINE

    Hello everyone! :)

    In my previous post, I talked about my super exciting experience during my Maybelline shoot for their Do You Dare Campaign!

    I styled myself and here are the photos! (I had to walk back and forth in a street in UP Diliman and it was kinda funny because jeeps would pass by and I’d feel people staring. hehe!)

    (Photo taken from Maybelline’s Do You Dare Campaign Website!)
    Top from F21, Shorts from F21, belt from SM Department store

    Me wearing the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Foundation.

    Bracelet from HNM, watch from Michael Kors

    Here’s my review!



    Maybelline has 7 claims with this foundation: Shine Control, High UV Protection, Instant Fairness, Dark Spots Blend Away, Long Lasting, Visibly Smooth Complexion, Conceal Blemishes and Pores and Tone Perfecting. Let’s see if the product stays true to their claims! :)

    I was reading a couple of people’s comments on Maybelline’s Facebook page and I saw a lot of complaints regarding the product’s durability. A lot of people had complaints that the product cracked easily. Maybelline responded to the users’ comments and said that the product was repackaged. :) I did my research and found photos of the old Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One foundation. Indeed, it is repackaged. I don’t have the old one but you can look here to see how it looked before.


    To test the product’s durability myself, I dropped it. I had to drop it TWICE for it to look like this. Considering how other people complained about the product cracking without it being dropped, I do think that this is a new and improved version of the Maybelline Clear and Smooth Foundation.


    What I love: 

    • packaging seems sturdy.
    • it has SPF 25 +++
    • although I don’t really have oily skin, it did decrease the shine of my face
    • comes with an applicator; handy to use daily
    • the mirror it comes with is very handy; not too small
    • I don’t really have major complexion problems however I can see noticeable changes in my complexion
    • shades are custom made to fit asian skin
    • full coverage foundation
    • good for everyday use
    • very affordable at PHP 250
    What I don’t like:
    • I wouldn’t say it’s “tone perfecting” because there are only four shades
    • the shade I got must be wrong but it was a tad bit too thick or it made me look a bit ghastly in perso when first applied.

    me without any makeup on

    me with the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Foundation

    me with Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Foundation

    Final Thoughts and Tips

    This is a very good foundation if you want a foundation that’s affordable AND efficient. I’m really impressed but I’m not really a powder foundation type of girl so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this soon. I’ll probably be using this once in a while to powder the oily spots on my face like my nose. I recommend this to girl’s who have oily skin and are looking for an everyday foundation. Girls with normal skin will also enjoy this.

    Although this comes with a sponge applicator, I would rather use a fluffy powder brush to apply this to be able to control my application. And I feel like sponges absorb too much of the product and I end up wasting product.



    Available in Maybelline Counters Nationwide. Like Maybelline PH on fb here!


    Do you have this as well? What are your thought on this product? Comment below! <3

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner


    Hello girlies!

    I recently did a shoot with Maybelline for their online campaign called “Do you dare?”. It was so much fun! I had to prepare two outfits because I’m a blogger. My first look has already been posted on their website and you can check it out here!

    Maybelline Philippines gave me a couple of products to review and the first one that I will be reviewing is the Maybelline Hypersharp liner. Scroll down for my full review!


    This is actually my first drugstore liquid liner. Compared to my beloved Kat Von D liquid liner which costs around PHP800-900 a piece, this only costs PHP399! The packaging doesn’t look cheap at all! The liner itself is made of shiny black plastic topped off with a shiny gold cover.


    What I love:

    • the product is very sleek and thin; easy to bring around
    • considerably pigmented
    • the tip is truly “hypersharp”
    • stays on all day (i don’t have oily lids though)
    • very affordable

    What I don’t like:

    • After I used this a couple of times, the tip wasn’t as sharp as it was first opened.
    • It would be better if it was blacker.
    • Unlike my kat von d liner, this doesn’t a pump like thing to push out the ink/product when it gets dry. (I shake my Kat Von D liner if i want more product to come out)

    Tips and Recommendations

    • This is very good for girls who have monolids because this liner can really create very thin lines
    • You can build on the liner for thicker lines
    • When the product/ink doesn’t seem to come out, just stroke some lines on the back of your hand to trigger the product to come out.

    This product is a good value for your money and I would repurchase this. I remain loyal to my Kat Von D liner just because its tip REALLY stays sharp. However, for a drugstore product, this delivers results that is up to to par with its price.



    Available in all Maybelline counters nationwide.



    when rubbed once

    What are your favorite liquid eyeliners? :) Comment below! <3

    Thanks for reading!







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    Mac Mineralize Blush in Gentle


    Hello there!

    Today I will be reviewing my first blusher from Mac! A good friend of mine got it for me on my birthday. :) Anyway, let’s get to the review!

    Mac Mineralize Blush in Gentle


    Housed in Mac’s signature black plastic packaging, this blusher has a gorgeous pink raspberry shade. When swatched in outdoors, it looks like a normal pink blush. However, when I stepped inside the house, I noticed gold shimmer laced  through the swatch. When you look closely into the pan, you can see hints of super micro mini glitter. However, I don’t find chunks of glitter on my face when the product is applied. I LOVE how this blush looks on my skin! I have fair skin and this blusher makes me look flushed in a nice way.

    What I like

    • the product is quite pigmented
    • the product is also very buildable
    • the product isn’t too shimmery on my skin
    • the product is durable (I accidentally dropped it as I was taking photos of it. My heart dropped when the blusher fell but it was good as new when I picked it up! Phew!)
    • it is not limited edition
    What I do not like:
    • the product is quite pricey at PHP1500 a piece
    Overal Tips and Recommendations 
    I will definitely purchase this product again! For a light application, use a stippling brush. To build up the application, use an ordinary fluffy blush brush!  :)

    swatched outdoors

    swatched in white light

    Me with no blusher on.

    me with MAC Gentle blusher

    me with MAC gentle blusher on (outdoor)

    me with MAC gentle blusher (outdoor)

    Me with MAC gentle on my cheeks (indoor)


    What are your thoughts on this blusher? Do you own any MAC Mineralize Blushers? :)


    Hope you guys enjoy this Review! xx








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    Black Beauty Goodies Review

    Goodies from Black Beauty Philippines!

    Hi everyone!

    I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Anyway I’m not going to give you any more excuses regarding my absence in my blog so I’m just going to jump right into my post! :)

    Around two months ago, Daryl Chan from Black Beauty Philippines sent some of their products over for me to try out! I honestly haven’t heard of the brand until I received the package and I can’t believe I just found out about them now! The reason why I’m only talking about these products now is because I wanted to be able to fully try them out to give you guys an honest review. :)


    I used all the shampoos but I feel like the ones that need to have special mentions are the Gold Shampoo and the Crystal Conditioner.

    I really like the smell of thse shampoos on my hair! Among all the shampoos, I like the gold shampoo the most because of the scent! In fact, when I was drying my hair in front of the electric fan, my mom got a whiff of the scent and told me my hair smelled really good. :) Aside from the scent, the shampoo alone actually makes my hair feel really soft already.

    I also like the silk conditioner because it really softens my hair when I use it!The conditioner doesn’t feel greasy at all! Those who are very particular with scents might have an issue with the scent of this conditioner because it might be too overwhelming. Lucky for me, I don’t easily get bothered by scents! :)

    As for the shine serums, I apply them after I flat iron my hair. I use one pump worth of product and comb it through my hair using my hands. They do make my hair look shinier and it doesn’t hurt that they smell really good! Aside from all the things that I have said, these products are 100% Filipino made. ;)


    One minor issue I have with these products is the packaging. I feel like the products themselves do not match the packaging. Yes, the products are THAT good! Also, I wish the labels explained more. for example, what exactly does the “gold” shampoo do? Is it for long hair? Is it for wavy hair? I just find the labels quite confusing. :)

    Final Thoughs and Recommendations

    • i will repurchase this again
    • best for those looking for affordable and high quality hair products
    • best for those who want hair products with scents that last


    These are available in Mercury Drugstores and SM hypermarket Supermarkets. :)


    Like them here on facebook!


    Thanks for reading!! xx

    PS: Watch out for my review on their Hot oil! ;)


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    MAC Hey Sailor Collection Purchase and Review

    MAC Hey Sailor

    Hello there!!

    The MAC Hey Sailor Collection got released late last month:

    June 23 (Sat) – Glorietta & Shangrila

    June 24 (Sun) – Rockwell & Trinoma

    June 30 (Sat) – Cebu

    I was able to purchase something from the collection when it was released in the US as their summer collection! It is a 40 piece collection and I really love nautical inspired things! The whole collection is inspired by nautical pin up girls by the way.  :)


    I’ve been loving red lippies lately! What I love about this lippie is that it has a satin finish and it’s a lot more moisturizing than most red lipsticks. I was actually about to buy MAC’s famous Rubywoo but it was too dry on my lips. I know Rubywoo is a MAC classic but I don’t think it would work for me because I have really dry lips. The packaging is absolutely cute! It has MAC’s trademark vanilla-ish scent. I might buy a backup for this lippie because it’s limited edition. :)

    The only downside of it being limited edition is if you fall in love with it, you might have to wait for a long tim before it gets reproduced! :)

    (RIGHT: MAC RED RACER, LEFT: Covergirl in Hot Passion)

    When swatched, it looks similar to Covergirl’s Hot passion. However, when you look more closely, Hot passion is pinker while Red Racer is a truer red. See my review for Covergirl Hot passion here!


    The collection is available in MAC counters in Manila and Cebu. Lipsticks cost 1000 a piece.

    Good luck guys! Stay safe! :)



    Feather Hair Extensions


    Hello everyone!

    Last year, feather hair extensions became a huuge trend in the United States. I actually did not know about this trend until one of my readers asked me about it.

    Here are some photos of celebrities sporting the feathers:

    I did my research and found an online seller (https://www.facebook.com/lesrouxaccessories) in the Philippines. When I found the online seller, I got intrigued by the feathers and decided to order some for myself.

    A piece of feather costs P190 per piece. I found it quite expensive so i decided to go for their set kit (P799). They have around twelve set kits to choose from and I chose “ginger spice” which contains 5 pieces of feathers in shades of orange. I decided on orange feathers because I thought they would match my hair well. :)

    The set kit came with two micro beads that will be used to attach the feather onto the head. I found a tutorial online to help me attach my feathers. My dad helped me attach the feathers onto me head. teehee! Click here for the tutorial that i used. :)

    Me with the feather extensions:

    My thoughts on feather hair extensions:

    • i love that they are so easy to attach onto my hair
    • i also love that you can treat the feathers as hair (you can shampoo, iron, blow dry, curl them)
    • i wish they were longer to match my hair length
    • i wish they were cheaper. teehee

    I really love how my blog pushes me to try new things! :)

    That’s it for now! :)

    Stay safe, everyone!

    Maxie <3