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    Inspire Me


    A lot of you may be wondering about the title of this post and what it means. I’ve just been doing so much work for school, my orgs, and my mini business ventures. Sometimes I can’t help but feel like an animal in a farm accomplishing one task after another without any clear idea of why I’m doing them. Sometimes, we get so busy and we begin to lose our purpose without even noticing. So I’ve been taking my time trying to re-align my end goals, remember why I committed myself to my obligations and re-inspire myself. It’s important to be keep being inspired because this is when all the burden we carry from the hard work begins to feel like feathers on our backs. :)

    Anyway, a few days back, my photographer friend, Agi told me that she wanted to shoot me and my friend Justine out of the blue. I immediately agreed because it meant me getting a free OOTD shoot! I absolutely HATE taking photos because I find it so hard to take nice photos and this is why I always agree when a photographer friends offers to take my photos. :)

    Here’e what I wore to school that day:

    Shoes from Tutum.

    Top and tank from Nava. Skirt from F21.

    Necklace and neon bracelet from a bazaar.

    Watch from Michael Kors. Bag from Curated Manila.

    Mini friendship photoshoot with my closest friend in college, Justine Burgos!!!! :)

    Justine’s wearing the most gorgeous belt which was given to her by her tita. I think her tita got it from a thrift store or market/bazaar abroad! :)

    She’s my sister, mommy, my everything. <3 No seriously, I don’t know how my college life would be without this amazing girl beside me!!!!!

    With a very talented friend/the gurl behind the lens, Agnes Wang! I look like a retard here but Agi looks amazing so fine. :) ha ha.



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    Revel Magazine Feature: Holiday Belters


    Hello dear readers!

    I’ve been waiting to put up this post because I am so kilig  to have been given the chance to participate in my very first magazine feature! :) My talented photographer friend Jonas Tamayo recently collaborated with Revel Magazine, an online mag and he invited me to be featured in his entry as a guest photographer/contributor.

    I was featured in the fourth installment in one of the magazine’s fashion segments called Cloest Diaries. They were doing a feature on belts and here’s my look! :)

    Top from HnM, gray tank from Nava, shorts from F21, watch from Michael Kors, Necklace from St. Francis Square

    Looking at the photos now totally make me regret not wearing more makeup because I look like I just woke up! HAHAHA. These were taken in school and I got lazy to fix my face. teehee

    I actually don’t know how to explain my outfit. I just put random pieces from my closet together and this was what I was able to produce. :) I actually like how it turned out. What do you think? :)

    Shoes from Tribute Shoes :)

    Click here to read the full article. I wanna thank Jonas Tamayo for inviting me and taking my photo. Check out his portfolio here.  :) Special thanks to Lauren Laudico who wrote the article! :)



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    LOTD: Neon and Teal


    It’s been a while since I put up an outfit post so I decided to put one up now. I don’t wanna call myself a fashion blogger because I AM more of a makeup blogger. However, I did promise to include different kinds of posts such as lifestyle and outfit posts to let you, my readers, know more about me. :) I like dressing up so I’ll be posting outfit posts as much as I can. :)

    So here’s what I wore to school today!

    I don’t like to overdress when going to school because we don’t have any airconditioning in our school and it can get REALLY hot at times. I try to stock up on shorts and light clothing to keep myself sane despite the usual heat strokes I get due to the incredibly warm weather.

    I picked up my sheer cover up and bracelet from the Supersale Bazaar which was recently held in the World Trade Center. I was manning my booth for Curated Manila and I kinda shopped every single day I was there. HA HA. I built my outfit around my bright cover up and decided to choose dark colors to balance out the brightness of the top. I then decided to use my favorite neon belt to add some color to my black top and maroon shorts!

    Sheer cover up from a Bazaar, black top from SM Department Store, shorts form Cotton On, belt from Nava, shoes from Payless.

    Watch from Vintage Casio Watches, Insect repellant band from Bug off!, SUPER CUTE bracelet from a Bazaar, ring from a friend.

    For my makeup, I just put on sunblock and moisturizer, filled in my brows, and concealed my eyebags. I was kinda lazy to do my makeup and I don’t put on a lot of makeup when I go to school anyway. :)



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    Happy Halloween!


    Hello everyone!

    I’m sorry, this post is a teeny bit late! Most of you are probably partying the night away as I write this! I just got back from Baguio for a family trip and I was basically under a rock there. ha ha!

    Anyway, this is actually my first time to actually dress up for halloween! I never knew it was such a big deal to people until i met my friends Kally, Krissy and Ericka! It was so much fun getting my costume made! Kally would pick Ericka and Me up to go to Kamuning every morning just to get our costumes made! I went as little red riding hood. hee hee. I wasn’t able to take a decent outfit photo with everyone so I’m grabbing Ericka’s!

    Ericka as wonderwoman, Kally as Alice, Me, Krissy as Little Mermaid and Tori as a fairy!

    Ericka being such a cutie, photobombing my photo! haha

    Ericka did my makeup because I wanted to get someone else to do my makeup for a change! Will try to recreate the look in another post. ;)

    Joe, Fred, Yela, and Me

    Joe goofing around! hehe

    I had so much fun in my first ever halloween party! We started getting ready at 5. I know, crazy right?! I left my red cape in the car. Ha ha. People thought I was a pirate. :( Oh well! I might recreate this look for a makeup tutorial and you might be able to see my COMPLETE costume. hahaha!

    This year is full of many “firsts” for me. :) What or who are you guys going as? oops. Who/what did you guys go as?? :) Tell me in the comment section below! :)

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    LOTD: Hot Pink Kisses


    Hello everyone!

    I’m back with another OOTD and LOTD! :)

    Before I start, did you notice the new categories in my navigation bar? ;) I’ve added two new categories: LIFESTYLE and EVENTS! Under Lifestyle is food and travel while under events are my LOTDs. I’ve been contemplating on wether to make my blog a purely makeup blog or not. After much deliberating, I’ve decided to add these new sections to my blog to let you guys get to know me more! I felt like a purely makeup blog would seem too superficial to some therefore I have decided to share two more things that I love: food and travel! Aside from these two new categories, you can expect more random posts about me. Don’t worry! I promise to post positive things and to not bore you with any lovesick stories and the like! I’m not the type to talk about my feelings to the world when I’m sad anyway. :)

    Back to my post! I attended my gorgeous friend, Abi’s birthday last week which was held at Prive. Abi is one of the nicest girls I know! We met during a GA for a project for our org last year and according to her, “it was love at first sight” and I completely agree! We both love to pig out! The only difference between us is that she doesn’t gain weight. haha!

    With the lovely debutante Abi and her Bff Hanna

    With everydates (Juan, Anton, Jake, Kevin, Hidden Earl) and abi!

    I look retarded here but everyone looks so cute!! Abi, Earl, Kevin, Anton and Renson

    What I wore: 

    I know it’s the fall season right now and I should be wearing colors but I’m not a fashion blogger so I don’t feel obligated to follow the color trends! I wanted to wear something fun and girly because I’ve been wearing a lot of body-con dresses lately. The dress IS quite short but I think the color itself with neon accessories downplayed whatever the sexyn-ess the dress had. :)

    I forgot the brand name of the dress but I got it from on of the shops in ShoppesVille. :)

    Bag from Curated Manila, Casio DB360 Watch from Vintage Casio Watches, Neon Belt from Nava

    Shoes from Aldo

    Pearl Earring from Mom

    My favorite part of this dress: the surprise cutout at the back! :) Been loving surprise cutouts on dresses!! :)

    For My Makeup:

    I decided for to go for a neutral smokey eye to match with my hot pink lips. I wanted to kinda match my lips to the hot pink print on my dress and my clutch.

    The debut was right after finals so I wanted to brighten up my eyes by applying a shimmery white shadow along my inner tear ducts.

    Products used:

    Laura Mercier Face Primer || Benefit foundation || Etude house eye brow pencil || Shue Uemura Concealer || INGLOT Palette || Too Faced Natural Eye Palette for highlight shade || Mac Gentle Mineralize Blush || Shu Uemura Lipstick plus MAC Pink Nouveau || Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler || Majolica Majorca Mascara


    Love and Lipstick,

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    *photos in the club were stolen from Abi. :)





    LOTD: Circles and Dots


    Hello everyone!


    I’m back with another LOTD (look of the day) featuring one of the outfits that I wore to school last week! :) At the end of this post, I will also be posting a super quick and easy photo makeup tutorial of something that you can wear to school! I personally do not like having a fully made up face when I go to school because like I said in my previous posts, we don’t have airconditioning in my school. </3 However, for those of you who are blessed to have airconditioning in school, then this will be perfect for you! :)


    Anyway, back to my outfit! I wore a really light top because I had to fry twister fries all day for a school bazaar last week! haha. I paired it with a cute pair of scallop shorts from a bazaar and then I chose a statement accessory to complete my outfit. :)


    Top from HnM || Shorts from a Bazaar || Shoes from Bass

    Belt from F21 || Watch from OST (korea)

    MY SUPER FAVORITE NECKLACE OF THE MOMENT!! From Tie a Little Nut. They sent this to me along with a SUPER SWEET AND ADORABLE NOTE! <3

    My friends know that I absolutely adore crazy statement necklaces! I wear different necklaces almost everyday but when I wore this to school last week, a lot of people kept on asking me where I got it. :) Anyway, I’m super touched that I’m the only one in the world who has this design. haha! I’m sure you guys will lots of other pieces that you’ll like from Tie a little nut’s collections though. ;)

    My Face of the Day:

    Mini Tutorial: 

    *I made this super simple because it would be impractical to put on a bunch of makeup especially if you’re running late for class! :)

    Step 1: Face

    1. Apply foundation or BB cream. You may use powder foundation too!

    2. Apply concealer. Dab it GENTLY under your eyes using your ring finger to prevent wrinkles. Remember, the skin around the eyes is very delicate. :)

    Stept 2: Eyes

    1. Apply a brow product of your choice. Trace the natural shape of your brows.
    2. Apple a shimmery pink eyeshadow all over your lid using a flat shader brush. (Mac 239)
    3. Apple a brown shadow on the outer v of your eye to add dimension using the other side of the flat shader brush.
    4. Blend using a light brown eyeshadow with a blending brush (Mac 217)
    5. line your lash line. I used a brown pencil to keep my eyes looking natural. ;) (Urban decay eyeliner in CORRUPT)
    1. smile and put on your blusher of choice on the apple of your cheeks (MAC gentle)
    2. curl your lashes and apply your choice of mascara (majolica majorca lash expander frame plus)
    3. apply your choice of lipstick (MAC chatterbox)


    That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! :)

    I would love to hear from you! Just comment below if you have any suggestions or questions! :)

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