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    Davao Food Trip


    Hi everyone!

    I’ve took a mini hiatus from blogging because of my Davao trip. I just got back and I can’t wait to share the photos I’ve accumulated for you! I really love food and I want this blog to feature other things that I love other than makeup. :) This post will be photo heavy and I’ll be throwing in my comments here and there. It was really hard to take photos of all the food I ate because we were travelling in a group of 18 and I would have run out of food to eat if I stopped to take photos of all the food I ate. ha ha!

    tuna from yellow fin restaurant

    Tiny Kitchen

    The restaurant used to be “tiny” but it becamed a full blown restaurant through the years because of its popularity in the city. The owner of the restaurant cooks the dishes himself! :)

    This is supposed to be  penne pasta (they ran out of penne pasta) with tomatoes, chorizo, and a thick cheese sauce. The pasta was a bit too cheesy for me and I couldn’t taste the flavor of the chorizo anymore. It was still enjoyable though! :) 

    *I’m a HUGE fan of parmesan cheese and I was disappointed to have been told that they did not have parmesan cheese when I asked for it.

    Paella Valenciana. the star of the night. it was packed with meat and the rice was very scrumptious. :)

    osso bucco. I wasn’t able to try this out.

    Kalderata.  It’s a straight forward home-cooked meal that will remind you of your mother’s cooking.

    Canelloni Pasta. This dish was quite a disappointment. It lacked flavor and the sauce was very dry.

    They have a wide selection of cakes and pastries! The sight sent me straight to pastry heaven! <3

    Caramel Cheesecake. My pick for the night. It was delicious! I loved the crust. :)

    My mom’s pick: dulce de leche cheesecake. I wish there was more yema in this….

    This was meh. I LOVE anything red velvet so I know my red velvet well. This was a tad bit too dry and it lacked cream cheese icing.

    ooey gooey chocolate oatmeal bars! now this was a delight!

    What I had for breakfast in one sitting:

    We stayed at Marco Polo Hotel by the way and I have to say, my breakfast meals were the best meals I had in Davao! They have such a huuuuuge selection of food to choose from and the service was impeccable.

    i made my own waffles!

    super duper sweet pineapples. <3

    we were able to try out the ice creamery at the crocodile farm! Yes, some of their flavors have actual crocodile meat in them. haha 

    I tried the “banana nuts” flavor and it was really good! I wish it was more creamy though! :)

    our last dinner was at the Outback Grill (completely different one from the Outback we have here in Manila). The ribs were very good. They were served with unlimited rice. I only had one cup of rice because one cup of their rice is like two cups of rice! I wasn’t able to take photos of the other food because the people I was with attacked the food the moment they were placed on our table. hahaha!

    My breakfast on our last day in Davao:

    that’s it for now! I’m back in Manila and in dire need of exercise but I found out from my trainer that the gym will be closed tomorrow. <//3 Oh well papel (HAHAHA I LOVE SAYING THIS RIGHT NOW)! Where are you guys going this summer? :)



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    My 2nd day for 2013 was very well spent! I went out with 2 of my girlfriends from my High School barkada and my guy bestie who’s now studying abroad! My high school barkada’s favorite past time is EATING! We don’t go clubbing and bond over yummy food and funny conversations instead! For our mini reunion, my friend Jemimah suggested that we visit the Mind Museum at the Fort.
    I’m glad that I was with good company when I visited the museum. :) My experience was made so much more memorable because I was with my friends! :)

    I look like a giant in this photo!

    MY OOTD:

    Corset from a bazaar, shorts from HnM

    clutch from a friend, shoes from Payless, watch from Michael Kors, leather bracelet from a friend

    Blazer from HnM

    HE HE I kept on trying to create a huge bubble but the wind was too strong. :(

    My friends almost always let me choose where we eat! I was researching on places to eat while I was getting ready to leave and I had Wild Flour in mind! I forgot to take the address down. Good thing The Mind Museum offers free wifi AND their information counter is very helpful! We walked to Wild Flower from the Mind Museum! :)

    Banh Mi Sliders

    Croque Madame

    steak and eggs

    California Burger

    Jem (the slowest eater), Ralph (the bottomless pit), yours truly, Kristine (best photog ever)! :)

    The food was really good! Another thing I love when eating out with my girlfriends is that we always share what we order! I got to try everything and I can’t pick my favorite dish. Everything was soo yummy! For dessert, we walked all the way to High Street for The Cake Club! It was so windy and we wanted to “burn” what we ate. :)

    my fave, Ispahan (raspberrie and lychee macaroon! )


    HI ;;)

    reacting over something that my friend ralph did with our social netwrok accounts. haha.

     Great food + amaaazing company: YES PLEASE! I can’t wait to make more memories this year! :)


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    Baguio Day 2: Food Trip


    It’s a common fact for people who know me that I LOVE food. Travelling for me is mainly about trying out new food and adventure but FOOD outweighs everything! The most disappointing thing that could happen to me when travelling is going to a beautiful place that has bad food. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like joining tour groups when I go abroad because the budget for food is usually low and the food usually doesn’t taste good. BOO. ha ha.

    Anyway when I went to Baguio with my family, I spent time researching on the local food joints in the area and tried to maximize the time we had there by going to as much restaurants we could! Here’s my day 2 and 3 in photos!

    Brunch at Cafe by the Ruins! 

    I actually thought that Cafe by the Ruins was literally a cafe beside some sort of tourist spot containing ruins of some sort of historical landmark. I asked Martin, a Baguio local and our tour guide for the day where the ruins were and he told me that there are no ruins! HA HA. I researched further and found out that Cafe by the Ruins used to be the house of an American Civil governor until it was destroyed during the World War 2. However, the owners of Cafe by the ruins preserved some of the walls from the home of the American Civil governor. :)

    Matching shoes with martin! :)

    kamote bread with guava jam

     Sorry, my family attacked the food before I even got to take a decent photo. teehee.

    Lemon cream pasta with grilled chicken

    I loved this the most. :)

    Martin got this enormous fresh lumpia! I didn’t get to taste it cuz I was too full already.

    Lemon grass drink with honey for Martin! The cafe offers free wifi so Martin and I stayed at the cafe for the rest of the day because I needed to catch up on my org work and of course catch up on all the chikas!

    Blended Iced Coffee for me.

     Dinner at Hillstation.

    Crushed nuts and olive oil for the bread

    Super cute pumpkin lantern!

    We went to this quaint little bookstore conveniently connected to the restuarant called Mt Cloud Bookshop. It was so hipster and cute! I love exploring hole-in-the wall looking places like this bookstore. I don’t think i’m hipster though! ha ha ha. Seriously.

    Super pretty walkway! Gah, I really hate my outfit here. I regret wearing it so much. :(

    Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs

    Crispy Duck Flakes

    Short Rib Ragu with Fettuccine

    Sorry, but this tasted like noodles in a beef broth soup. I love noodle dishes but I was disappointed with this. :(

    Indian Lamb Curry

    Lechon Kawali with Laing sa Gata

    My favorite dish of the bunch! Amidst all the fancy food, this was the one that I enjoyed the most! It’s a simple fried crispy belly (lecho kawali) dish but I liked it. :)

    Artisan Ice Crem sampler! Some of the super unique flavors were Dark Chocolate with Cayenne, Benguet Coffee with Choco Chips, Vanilla Cinnamon, Mango Rum, and Dulce de Leche. 

    Death by Chocolate Cake.

    This was AMAZING. It tasted like a molten lava cake with vanilla Ice Cream. The chocolate was a bit sweet but I like sweet. :)

    Martin and I spend the rest of the night at the techno hub in Camp John Hay for coffee and hot chocolate!

    DAY 3:

    Lunch at  O’ MAI KHAN for lunch. Martin says that it’s the most famous mongolian rice place in Baguio.

    my bowl

    With my beloved granny and lil bro. :)

    With the prettiest tour guide ever! Yes, I’m wearing slippers. We were going home already and I wanted to feel comfortable in the car. teehee.

    Baguio used to be my happy place because of all the childhood memories I have of the place. Going back as a teen made me fall in love with the place again because of the food, the quaint restaurants and cozy coffee shops! I especially loved going to the different coffee shops where I was able to just relax enjoy the cool weather, food, company. I definitely wanna go back and explore more of Baguio soon. :)



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    Baguio: My Happy Place


    When I was younger, I spent almost all of my summers in the country’s summer capital, Baguio. My childhood best friend’s parents are super close to my parents and our families used to spend countless summer, Christmas  and semestral breaks in their lovely home. I remember going around the huge village discovering secret shortcuts, hiding around in vacant parking spaces of empty houses, and picking sunflowers (they were so abundant then!). I haven’t been back to Baguio in the longest time so when my parents asked me if I wanted to go, I agreed right away! When I arrived at the once vacant and peaceful village, I was faced with newly built apartment complexes and houses everywhere. :( Anyway, I didn’t take photos of the village anymore because it didn’t look like the way it used to. :(  Good thing I got to do something I used to LOVE doing when I was younger: Horseback riding! My dad always made sure to accompany me and my lil brother to go horseback riding on our Baguio trips. :)

    Here’s my first day in Baguio in photos….

    Me wearing the my newest fave red lippie from the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection! <3

    My best gay friend in the whole of Ateneo, Martin Tuanquin with his super gay horse!! Martin is a Baguio Native (he’s secretly an igorot! chos) and he was my prettyful tour guide (more of like food trip tour guide) during my entire stay in Baguio!

    We went around Wright Park and I saw this super pretty church so I asked the guide to take out photo! Too bad the whole church wasn’t able to fit the frame. :(


    I LOVE korean pop culture (i know, shocking! I try not to show it much. ha ha ha). Ove the years, I’ve grown to love even Korean food! For dinner, Martin recommended Korean Palace also known as Kung Jeon. The place is a house converted into a restaurant! What I love about the restaurant is that all their side dishes are refillable so I got to eat as much odeng as I wanted! :)

    Korean Fried Chicken! 

    I really liked their korean fried chicken! The chicken had the right amount of crispiness, was perfectly coated with a well seasoned sauce and the serving was really huge! We ordered a lot more food but I was so hungry that I forgot to take photos of the other food we ate. And this is why I fail as a food blogger! ha di ha! Good thing I’m not really a food blogger! :)

    I was detached from the world for less than a day and I already needed to find a place with internet connection to do my org work and other personal work so I asked Martin to bring me to a coffee shop! After dinner, my parents dropped us off at a super cute and cozy Korean owned coffee shop! I forgot the name of the coffee shop but I’ll ask Martin when I get the chance to!

    They had reaaally yummy coffee! I ordered the normal brewed coffee but the coffee had a hint of cinnamon which was lovely! Martin and I kinda overstayed and were asked to leave by the Korean owner. My dad was a bit late when he picked us up so we had to wait in the nearest sari-sari store outside the coffee shop. It was around 10pm already and I was a bit scared then Martin started telling ghost stories! Thank God I arrived home safely! hehehe

    This was my first time to actually explore and see Baguio as an adult! It’s so nice to be able to go to places that you feel like you already know and still discover new things about the place!


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