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5 Minute Review: Benefit Eyebright

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White eyeliner has been one of my go-to products for an instant pick-me-up on my tired eyes. However, sometimes it may be too bright, shocking, and unnatural looking. Enter Benefit Eyebright. ­This product has been around for quite some time now but it’s only recently when I really took interest in it because I’m currently obsessed with brightening products, which are perfect for natural looking makeup looks. A lot of people know how much I hoard and talk about makeup but I don’t actually wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis. That’s because I’m really into the “no makeup” makeup look since I find that it’s the look that suits me best! Of course, I still go with a full face of makeup once in a while but that story’s for another day.



Benefit Eyebright is basically a jumbo pencil. The product itself is a unique pinkish white shade. When initially swatched, it looks like a normal pinkish shade. However, upon careful inspection, one will see how it’s infused with micro multicolor/gold shimmer. I honestly think the micro shimmer is what really makes this pencil stand out. What makes this stand our form your regular white eyeliner is that it has the right amount of pink to make it look more natural when worn. Sometimes white eyeliner may get too bright when worn and thus unnatural.


The texture has just the perfect amount of creaminess. It’s creamy yet dry at the same time and I think that a product like this can’t be too creamy for it to last.


When worn, it looks absolutely stunning. I love how it’s able to open up my eyes in 30 seconds. I think it’s also perfect for highlighting the brow bones, the Cupid’s bow, and even the nose (a line down the middle of your nose will give you an instant nose job in a minute).


Final Thoughts

 Although I absolutely love this pen, it is quite on the expensive side. It’s definitely going to be a well-loved and used product in my kit but I wouldn’t say that it’s an absolute must have. If you have the cash to spare, then GO GET IT. For those who aren’t really into investing in makeup, your white eyeliner will still do the job. ;)








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